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How To Spell disposition?

Correct spelling: disposition

Definition of disposition:

  1. the act or means of getting rid of something

List of misspellings for disposition:

  • dispoistion,
  • disposiiton,
  • dispostioned,
  • despostion,
  • disposotion,
  • dispertion,
  • dispoition,
  • disscusstion,
  • suspistion,
  • risposition,
  • discustion,
  • dispotion,
  • displsition,
  • dispisition,
  • sisposition,
  • supossition,
  • disgestion,
  • dispostition,
  • depsoition,
  • disrciption,
  • disposion,
  • disparition,
  • disp0sition,
  • djsposition,
  • discsusion,
  • thisposition,
  • disaloustioned,
  • dispasition,
  • midposition,
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  • dispoaition,
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  • depostion,
  • disposision,
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  • disposistion,
  • dispositioned,
  • diwposition,
  • dis-osition,
  • dispersistion.

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Quotes for disposition:

  1. Similarly, the problem of the rights of the state in the disposition of inheritances left by individuals presents social aspects of the first importance.
  2. As a person who is not confrontational by disposition I tend to see that the quality of being confrontational is a positive attribute.
  3. For my own part I continue of the same Disposition.
  4. I know the disposition of women: when you will, they won't; when you won't, they set their hearts upon you of their own inclination.
  5. Peace is not an absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice.

Translations for disposition:

Arabic word for Disposition


Bengali word for Disposition


Dutch words for Disposition

aanleg, rangschikking, instelling, karakter, beschikking, inborst, gesteldheid, inslag, ingesteldheid, dispositie, gezindheid.

French word for Disposition


German words for Disposition

Ansatz, Anlage, Verwendung, Veranlagung, Anordnung, Gliederung, Stellung, Neigung, Gesinnung, Disposition, Gemüt, Veräußerung, Temperament, Bereitschaft, Hang, Art, Einteilung, Naturell, Stimmung, Gemütsanlage, Sinnesart, Gemütsart, Charakteranlage.

Hindi word for Disposition


Italian word for Disposition


Japanese words for Disposition

処分, 性質, 資質, 性癖, ほんねん, 天生, きしつ, てんせい, かたむき, きしょう, しょり, 意地, せいしつ, 心立て, 気性, 気心, 心根, 膚, 才分, ししつ, 気立, きだて, てんき, はいれつ, 心持, 気立て, 意氣, きっぷ, ほんぜん, 形気, 心持ち, 性分, きごころ, せいじょう, 気稟, はだあい, こころね, きひん.

Javanese word for Disposition


Korean word for Disposition


Malay word for Disposition


Marathi word for Disposition


Polish words for Disposition

dyspozycja, rozdysponowanie, rozmieszczenie, usposobienie, zarządzenie, rozrządzenie.

Romanian word for Disposition


Russian words for Disposition

диспозиция, нрав, предрасположенность.

Swedish word for Disposition


Tamil word for Disposition


Turkish word for Disposition


Ukrainian word for Disposition


Vietnamese word for Disposition

bố trí.