How To Spell course?

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What does the abbreviation course mean?

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What are the rhymes for course?

  1. coarse, corse, fourths, morse, force, source, horse, sorce, bourse, norse, hoarse;
  2. endorse, enforce, remorse, outsource, midcourse, divorce, perforce;
  3. reinforce;

What are the translations for course?

Afrikaans word for Course


Arabic word for Course

دَوْرَة تَعْلِيميَّة.

Bengali word for Course


Chinese words for Course

课, 进程, 学科, 航向, 轨.

Dutch words for Course

baan, opleiding, reeks, traject, richting, verloop, koers, kuur, beloop.

French words for Course

direction, voie, plat, cours, évolution, sens, solution, cursus, stage, trajectoire.

German words for Course

Weg, Platz, Lauf, Serie, Strecke, Kurs, Ablauf, Verlauf, jagen, Bahn, Gang, via, Training, Schulung, fließen, Piste, strömen, Route, CAP, Lehrgang, Manier, Linie, Loop, Rennstrecke, Parcours, Richtung, Lehrveranstaltung, Kursus, Rennbahn, Maschenreihe, Parforcejagd, hetzen, Formation, Curriculum, Terrain.

Greek word for Course

σειρά μαθημάτων.

Italian word for Course


Japanese words for Course

課程, 過程, 科目, 行方, 走路, 針路, 一品, 盤, かてい, 沿道, えんどう, そうろ, 課目, かもく, 行衛, いっぴん, ゆくえ, 行く方, しんろ, ひとしな, コース.

Javanese word for Course

Mesthi wae.

Korean word for Course


Marathi word for Course


Polish words for Course

przebieg, danie.

Portuguese words for Course

caminho, rota, linha, disciplina, prato, procedimento, leito, andamento, percurso, rumo, decurso.

Romanian word for Course


Russian words for Course

курс, учебный курс, курс лекций, курс валюты, линия поведения, образ действия.

Spanish words for Course

atravesar, programa, carrera, pista, trayectoria, curso, caer, perseguir, recorrer, campo, clase, camino, recorrido, ciclo, transcurso, rumbo, plato, cazar, invadir, platillo, asignatura, cursillo, hilada.

Ukrainian word for Course


Vietnamese word for Course

lộ trình.