How To Spell finally?

Correct spelling: finally

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What is the definition of finally?

  1. Lastly; completely.

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What are the translations for finally?

Afrikaans word for Finally


Arabic word for Finally


Bengali word for Finally


Danish word for Finally


Dutch words for Finally

tot slot, eindelijk, afsluitend, tot besluit.

French words for Finally

enfin, finalement, ultimement, définitivement, irrévocablement.

German words for Finally

letztendlich, endlich, schlussendlich, endgültig, definitiv, auslautend, zuletzt, letztlich, zum Abschluss, rechtskräftig, zum Schluss, final, letzter, zu guter Letzt.

Italian word for Finally


Japanese words for Finally

最終的, ようやく, 揚句, 揚句の果て, あげく, 挙句, 末に, 漸く, しまいに, 到頭, すえに, さいしゅうてき, 等々, 結句, やっとの思いで, 等等, けっく, 挙げ句, 揚げ句, 漸う, やっとのおもいで, 頓て.

Javanese word for Finally


Korean word for Finally


Malay word for Finally


Polish words for Finally

ostatecznie, nareszcie.

Portuguese words for Finally

finalmente, por fim, enfim, por último.

Russian words for Finally

окончательно, наконец-то, в конечном итоге, напоследок, под конец, всё-таки.

Spanish words for Finally

por último, definitivamente, al fin, para finalizar, para terminar, irrevocablemente, decididamente.

Swedish word for Finally


Tamil word for Finally


Turkish word for Finally

en sonunda.