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What are the rhymes for firm?

  1. therm, berm, worm, herm, germ, ferm, squirm, wurm, term, sturm;
  2. infirm, long-term, affirm, confirm;
  3. reaffirm, reconfirm;

What are the translations for firm?

Arabic word for Firm


Bengali word for Firm


Chinese words for Firm

坚实, 紧肤, 结实的.

Dutch words for Firm

vast, bedrijf, onderneming, stevig, vastberaden, sterk, ferm, standvastig, stellig, bedrijf.

French words for Firm

entreprise, stable, robuste, compagnie, firme, cabinet, fixe, ferme, maison, inflexible, maison de commerce.

German words for Firm

Unternehmen, Betrieb, Firma, sicher, bindend, gesetzt, bestimmt, hart, solide, fest, streng, Unternehmung, fast, stabil, straff, standfest, steif, Handelshaus, entschieden, schnittfest, felsenfest, unerschütterlich, dezidiert, prall, standhaft, nachdrücklich, energisch, unveränderlich, eisern.

Greek word for Firm


Hindi word for Firm


Italian word for Firm


Japanese words for Firm

ファーム, 商社, 確固, 揺るぎない, ゆるぎない, 断乎, こうこつ, 牢固, だんこ, こしのつよい, 腰が強い, 気丈, ふばつ, 断断乎, 牢乎, げんじゅう, てがたい, 揺るぎ無い, 泰然, しょうしゃ, シャキッと, 腰の強い, 不抜, 確乎, 手堅, こしがつよい.

Javanese word for Firm


Korean word for Firm


Malay word for Firm


Marathi word for Firm


Polish words for Firm

solidny, spółka, mocny, konkretny, stabilny, pewny, silny, kancelaria, jędrny, twardy, stanowczy, zdecydowany, firmowy.

Portuguese words for Firm

negócio, forte, claras, claros, consistente, rigoroso, agência, fixar, fixo, companhia, convicto, veemente, decisiva.

Russian words for Firm

компания, фирма, прочный, твёрдый, строгий.

Spanish words for Firm

estudio, seguro, sociedad, empresa, fijo, resistente, duro, definitivo, estricto, fuerte, constante, estable, riguroso, determinado, firmar, tenaz, concreto, robusto, decidido, oficina, confirmar, firmes, resuelto, consistentes, consolidado, resoluto.