How To Spell heavy?

Correct spelling: heavy

What is the definition of heavy?

  1. prodigious; "big spender"; "big eater"; "heavy investor"

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What are the rhymes for heavy?

  1. chevy, levee, levy, bevy;

What are the translations for heavy?

Afrikaans word for Heavy


Arabic word for Heavy


Bengali word for Heavy

হেভিসাইড স্তর.

Chinese words for Heavy

重型, 重的, 重工, 沉甸甸, 笨重地.

Dutch words for Heavy

erg, dik, serieus, zwaar, grof, hevig, fors, onstuimig, drukkend, zwaarmoedig, zwaarwegend, zwaarwichtig.

French words for Heavy

important, grave, lourd, intensif, dense, abondant, excessif, graves, pesant, renforcé, pesante.

German words for Heavy

groß, Dur, schwierig, dicht, schwer, stark, erheblich, grob, schwerwiegend, massiv, heftig, dick, gewichtig, flink, Log, wuchtig, fort, schwergewichtig, schwer an Gewicht.

Greek word for Heavy


Italian word for Heavy


Japanese words for Heavy

重い, 重, ヘビー, 分厚い, 重度, 多大, ヘヴィ, どくどくしい, 纏まった, 毒毒しい, ぶあつい, ぶ厚い, 毒々しい, 重たげ, まとまった, ごてごてしい, ただい, おもたげ, どんより, 厚ぼったい, 部厚い, あつぼったい.

Javanese word for Heavy

Heaviside layer.

Korean word for Heavy


Malay word for Heavy

Lapisan heaviside.

Marathi word for Heavy

हेव्हीसइड स्तर.

Portuguese words for Heavy

sério, acentuado, forte, significativa, avultadas, excessivo, carregado, avultado, severas, intensiva, complexos.

Romanian word for Heavy


Russian words for Heavy

грузный, увесистый, проливной.

Spanish words for Heavy

grueso, duro, apretado, fuerte, profundo, denso, severo, significativo, elevado, agobiado, intenso, pesado, intensivo, lento, violento, torrencial, cargado, gravoso, laborioso.

Swedish words for Heavy

fel, tung.

Tamil word for Heavy

ஹெவிசைடு அடுக்கு.

Turkish word for Heavy

Heaviside tabakası.