How To Spell grave?

Correct spelling: grave

What is the definition of grave?

  1. write upon; engrave a pen, for example

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What are the translations for grave?

Chinese words for Grave

墓, 墓穴, 墓葬, 坆, 庄重, 重症.

Dutch words for Grave

plechtig, ernstig, belangrijk, somber, erg, donker, zwaar, grafkuil.

French words for Grave

grave, graves.

German words for Grave

wichtig, ernsthaft, schwer, ernst, schwerwiegend, gravierend, massiv, gewichtig, Graf, ernstlich, folgenschwer, Gruft, feierlich, Grab, Besorgnis erregend, gemessen, gravitätisch, Grabstätte, Gravis.

Italian words for Grave

grande, tomba, sepolcro.

Japanese words for Grave

墳墓, きんげん, あぶなっかしい, 危ない, ふんぼ, 沈痛, げんぜん, グレイブ, じゅうこう, 塚穴, ちんつう, そうちょう, 謹厳, 危なっかしい, ゆゆしき, つかあな, あやうい, あおやま, 儼然, あぶない, 青山, 重重しい.

Portuguese words for Grave

sério, túmulo.

Russian words for Grave

тяжкий, серьёзный.

Spanish words for Grave

importante, profundo, severo, craso, apremiante, solemne, acuciante, de gravedad.