How To Spell extreme?

Correct spelling: extreme

What is the definition of extreme?

  1. beyond a norm in views or actions; "an extreme conservative"; "an extreme liberal"; "extreme views on integration"; "extreme opinions"

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What are the rhymes for extreme?

  1. supreme, passim, deam, seem, scream, creme, reim, raheem, stream, upstream, karim, ream, cream, diem, vadim, teem, deem, regime, dream, beem, rahim, maxime, theme, team, seam, redeem, steam, beam, kareem, siem, scheme, liem, gleam, bream;
  2. joaquim, joachim, agleam, basim, hakim, esteem;
  3. ibrahim, sephardim;

What are the translations for extreme?

Afrikaans word for Extreme


Arabic word for Extreme


Chinese words for Extreme

淋漓, 卓绝, 过激, 激进, 爆表, 极端的.

Dutch words for Extreme

extreem, nemen, uiterst, uitzonderlijk.

French words for Extreme

exceptionnel, énorme, intense, excessif, absolu, drastique, extrême, extrêmes, radical.

German words for Extreme

krass, extrem, drastisch, hochgradig.

Greek word for Extreme


Italian word for Extreme


Japanese words for Extreme

極度, エクストリーム, 究極, 過激, 度を越した, もう, 度を超した, きょうげき, しんじんなる, いいとこ, きょくど, 破茶目茶, どをこした, 劇しい, きょくたん, 窮極, きゅうきょく, 深甚なる, 烈しい, かげき, 極度の.

Korean word for Extreme


Malay word for Extreme


Norwegian word for Extreme


Polish words for Extreme

skrajny, krańcowy, radykalny, ekstremalny.

Russian words for Extreme

крайний, экстремальный.

Spanish words for Extreme

profundo, riguroso, excesivo, extremo, sumo.

Ukrainian word for Extreme


Vietnamese word for Extreme

cực đoan.