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How To Spell great?

Correct spelling: great

Definition of great:

  1. remarkable or out of the ordinary in degree or magnitude or effect; "a great crisis"; "had a great stake in the outcome"

List of misspellings for great:

  • graat,
  • greateer,
  • acreata,
  • greaty,
  • gerraff,
  • garduate,
  • grred,
  • rgeat,
  • grweat,
  • gurest,
  • gerrard,
  • gredit,
  • gritt,
  • greatv,
  • greak,
  • gourmat,
  • gereate,
  • creatie,
  • grait,
  • greatway,
  • recoat,
  • jeremt,
  • icreate,
  • gromit,
  • tagret,
  • grammat,
  • gread,
  • gretal,
  • grabt,
  • createa,
  • agreet,
  • gurad,
  • agrat,
  • freat,
  • graght,
  • cigeret,
  • krept,
  • grity,
  • rgiht,
  • grat,
  • regata,
  • gretare,
  • gerad,
  • koreasat,
  • graid,
  • reat,
  • creatid,
  • grdauat,
  • freate,
  • greatyer,
  • gorrect,
  • sreet,
  • dgreat,
  • grwat,
  • screat,
  • grreater,
  • yougrt,
  • graite,
  • grea,
  • grear,
  • gretaer,
  • geraff,
  • getat,
  • treart,
  • cceate,
  • creit,
  • grden,
  • grerater,
  • gret,
  • growt,
  • kredit,
  • greavy,
  • gredy,
  • gererator,
  • karrat,
  • gerheart,
  • gerhart,
  • agread,
  • gretat,
  • greedt,
  • greaten,
  • grean,
  • garet,
  • gormeut,
  • creatig,
  • greay,
  • aireate,
  • gremmar,
  • carseat,
  • graity,
  • breat,
  • greaest,
  • rgret,
  • ccreate,
  • greww,
  • gretta,
  • gresat,
  • creatd,
  • greait,
  • greeet.

What does the abbreviation great mean?

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Quotes for great:

  1. I know what she used to do sometimes. She kept her best cape she wore on the street in there, and she used occasionally to go up there to get it and to take it into her room. She kept a great deal in the guest room drawers.
  2. No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it.
  3. It makes a great deal of difference whether one wills not to sin or has not the knowledge to sin.
  4. And it was a great experience, you know, to travel the world and compete at a certain level. It teaches you discipline, focus, and certainly keeps you out of trouble.
  5. It is not necessary to argue to those for whom I write that the two great needs of mankind, that all men may be lifted up into the light of the highest Christian civilization, are, first, a pure, spiritual Christianity, and second, civil liberty.

Translations for great:

Afrikaans words for Great

groot, groots.

Chinese words for Great

宏大, 鸿, 浩大, 奘, 訏.

Dutch words for Great

hoog, goed, heerlijk, geweldig, uitstekend, uitmuntend, tof.

French words for Great

remarquable, excellent, important, fantastique, considérable, grave, notable, immense, formidable, grandiose, extraordinaire, magnifique, exceptionnel, large, vaste, majeur, énorme, intense, superbe, terrible, merveilleux, extraordinaires.

German words for Great

bedeutend, Spitze, ausgezeichnet, toll, fantastisch, super, stark, enorm, riesig, prima, ideal, hoch, herrlich, legal, Klasse, wunderbar, pfundig, knorke, bärig, Top, prächtig, fort, genial, Grand.

Italian word for Great


Japanese words for Great

大きな, 優れた, グレート, 大いなる, すてき, たいした, 大き, 偉い, 上々, 巨なる, だいじょうてき, 豪気, えらい, すんごい, 洪大, こうだい, 巨いなる, 豪い, 強気, 強的, ごうき, じょうじょう, 大っきい, 大乗的, 豪的, 豪儀, ごうぎ, 上上, おっきい, 素的, 大々的.

Polish words for Great

bela, wielki, duży, ogromny, znaczny, wysoki, świetny.

Portuguese words for Great

extraordinário, ampla, larga, boa, imenso, magnífico, grandioso, maravilhoso, fortes, maravilhosa, significativa, elevada, óptimo, vasta, magnífica, muito bom, grandiosa.

Spanish words for Great

importante, gran, buen, buena, delicioso, alta, profundo, excelente, significativo, hermoso, maravilloso, estupendo, grandes, excepcional, vasto, inmenso, fenomenal, fabuloso, sensacional, profunda, esplendoroso.