How To Spell house?

Correct spelling: house

What is the definition of house?

  1. contain or cover; "This box houses the gears"

What does the abbreviation house mean?

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What are the rhymes for house?

  1. blouse, spouse, klaus, crouse, douse, gauss, louse, haus, chaus, bouse, mouse, dowse, kraus, laos, grouse, straus, strauss;
  2. espouse;

What are the translations for house?

Arabic word for House


Dutch words for House

huis, woning, herbergen, onderdak verlenen.

French words for House

abriter, loger, habitation, demeure, chambre, maison, domicile, Parlement.

German words for House

Firma, aufnehmen, beherbergen, unterbringen, Geschlecht, Haus, Familie, Foyer, Dom, Logis.

Greek word for House


Italian words for House

dimora, abitazione, famiglia.

Japanese words for House

ハウス, 家, メゾン, 宅, 家屋, 館, 宿, 人家, 部族, 小宅, 屋舎, 舎, カーサ, おくしゃ, じんか, かおく, しょうたく, たく.

Javanese word for House


Korean word for House


Malay word for House


Polish word for House


Portuguese words for House

hospedar, lar, acolher, moradia, vivenda.

Romanian word for House


Russian words for House

вмещать, поселить, палата.

Spanish words for House

eV, albergar, encajar, guardar, hogar, casa, vivienda, alojar, almacenar, asamblea, abrigar, acomodar, sala, domicilio, inmueble, templo.

Swedish word for House


Vietnamese word for House

ngôi nhà.