How To Spell company?

Correct spelling: company

What is the definition of company?

  1. To associate.

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What are the rhymes for company?

  1. accompany;
  2. intercompany;

What are the translations for company?

Chinese words for Company

本公司, 股份, 公司.

Dutch words for Company

organisatie, bezoek, vennootschap, bedrijf, onderneming, gezelschap, zaak, maatschappij, gasten.

French words for Company

entreprise, compagnie, firme, fréquentation.

German words for Company

Begleitung, Unternehmen, Betrieb, Firma, Unternehmung, Umgang, Gesellschaft, Gäste, firmeneigen, Truppe, Kompanie, Handelsgesellschaft, Runde, Ensemble, Schauspieltruppe, Geschäftshaus, werkseigen.

Italian words for Company

compagnia, azienda, società, impresa, ditta.

Japanese words for Company

会社, 社, 公司, 相手, 商会, つれ, 連中, かいしゃ, れんちゅう, 人前, 交際, れんぢゅう, コンス, どうぜい, れんじゅう, しゃ.

Papiamento word for Company


Polish words for Company

grono, towarzystwo, kompania.

Portuguese words for Company

negócio, sociedade, companheiro, entidade, corporação.

Russian words for Company

общество, предприятие, корпоративный, рота.

Spanish words for Company

sociedad, empresa, compañía, entidad.