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How To Spell crew?

Correct spelling: crew

Definition of crew:

  1. an informal body of friends; "he still hangs out with the same crowd"

List of misspellings for crew:

  • knrew,
  • carew,
  • creae,
  • clrea,
  • corea,
  • cremy,
  • trew,
  • crner,
  • correc,
  • caure,
  • 2acre,
  • crewl,
  • cario,
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  • chrew.

What does the abbreviation crew mean?


Crew as a boy's name is a variant of Carew (Latin), and the meaning of Crew is "chariot".

Related words for crew

CJ Crew


Musical duo

CJ Crew are a dance music DJ duo, consisting of Chris Bucknall and John Briely. Other aliases include Big Vin & Hugh Jardon, Chi K Monkey, Chi K Munki, Connie and the Plainsman, Demanche Noir, Muff and the Munchers, Nancy and the Boys, The Orff Ki Ensemble, Pyan Issim, Pynck Hobo, Terry and the Physicist, Umi Ghoulies, and Wine.

D. D. Crew


Arcade game

D. D. Crew is a 1991 2D beat 'em up developed and released into arcades by Sega. In the game, players control one of four characters, F. F., Buster, King or Gung Ho, who fight to stop a terrorist plot.



Music label

Saregama India Ltd. is India’s oldest music label owned by RPSanjiv Goenka Group of companies. The company is listed on the NSE and BSE with its head office located in Mumbai and other offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.

T.I.P. Crew


T.I.P. Crew is a bboy crew from South Korea. T.I.P. stands for Teamwork is Perfect. Founded in 2001 by Virus, T.I.P is the first b-boy crew in Korea. The crew has won numerous awards around the world and are still ongoing to this day. They have also appeared in music videos, movies, TV shows and commercial films.

The Film Crew


The Film Crew was a comedic team similar to Mystery Science Theater 3000, comprising former MST3K cast members Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy.

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This graph shows how "crew" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for crew:

  1. cue, coo, qu, through, lieu, xu, yoo, coup, hsu, shrew, do, chu, mu, flu, knew, hew, drew, kyu, goo, loo, wu, brew, gnu, ru, new, pru, nu, skew, vu, two, vue, view, spew, zue, shoo, poo, q, koo, tew, ju, tu, hu, zhou, glew, hue, shoe, hoo, zoo, pou, thuy, pooh, due, crewe, grew, lew, ooh, u, tue, cou, pugh, queue, sioux, soo, prue, threw, dru, fu, mew, who, screw, ou, lu, leu, xue, rue, trew, phew, pew, you, flew, whew, blew, hugh, su, bleu, liu, chew, doo, dew, gu, coups, douwe, strew, stew, joo, glue, blue, yu, que, uwe, chiu, true, rew, gue, shu, zhu, stu, phu, too, jew, kew, sue, lou, yue, clue, siew, woo, flue, few, pu, jue, beu, thru, yew, ku, du, ewe, thew, boo, slew, chou, hewe, hou, moo, foo, lue, shew;
  2. outdo, perdue, ague, zanu, construe, ensue, c2, accrue, tattoo, liou, ado, abou, taboo, revue, peru, into, fondue, untrue, larue, undo, m2, adieu, review, kwangju, cebu, undue, urdu, cat-2, reto, ragu, redo, kazoo, withdrew, debut, imbue, wahoo, miscue, leroux, canoe, purdue, babu, outgrew, anew, pursue, shampoo, renew, unglue, eschew, tatu, subdue, baku, bamboo, fitzhugh, mchugh, askew;
  3. kangaroo, katmandu, byu, isu, overdo, iou, overdue, overthrew, timbuktu, misconstrue, depardieu, suu, hitherto;
  4. hullabaloo, kalamazoo;
  5. dfw;

Translations for crew:

Afrikaans word for Crew


Arabic word for Crew


Bengali word for Crew


Chinese word for Crew


Dutch words for Crew

bende, gezelschap, bemanning, ploeg, personeel, boordpersoneel.

French words for Crew

équipage, troupe, personnel navigant.

German words for Crew

Gruppe, personal, Belegschaft, Stab, Besatzung, Truppe, Kolonne, Bande, Team, Mannschaft, Trupp, Rotte, Equipe, Club, Crew, Besatzungsmitglieder, Schiffsbesatzung, Bemannung, Fahrpersonal.

Greek word for Crew


Hindi word for Crew

चालक दल.

Italian words for Crew

squadra, equipaggio.

Japanese word for Crew


Malay word for Crew


Marathi word for Crew

चालक दल.

Norwegian word for Crew


Papiamento word for Crew


Polish word for Crew


Portuguese words for Crew

bando, pessoal, tripulação, equipa, turma, equipagem.

Romanian word for Crew


Spanish words for Crew

equipo, banda, tripulación, tripulantes, cuadrilla.

Swedish word for Crew


Tamil word for Crew


Turkish word for Crew


Vietnamese word for Crew

thủy thủ đoàn.