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What are the rhymes for care?

  1. gair, werre, bear, pair, heir, kehr, gehr, swear, bare, their, tear, hare, prayer, share, maire, skare, guerre, blair, darr, flair, fair, flare, hair, pare, rare, clare, glare, err, gare, hehr, sare, mare, scare, bahr, claire, ferre, wear, nair, blare, there, stair, baer, lehr, herr, where, ware, lare, mair, clair, sayre, khmer, ne'er, faire, bair, terre, snare, fer, stare, derr, spare, chair, mer, they're, cher, air, pear, square, lair, fare, dare, serr, eyre;
  2. moliere, abair, voltaire, beware, despair, sinclair, unfair, adair, declare, forswear, belair, affair, compare, midair, dispair, o'hare, pierre, montclair, alair, ensnare, comair, mcnair, impair, allaire, astaire, aware, prepare, repair, swissair, adaire;
  3. aer, solitaire, debonair, usair, billionaire, icelandair, disrepair, unaware, doctrinaire, questionnaire, millionaire, javier;
  4. concessionaire;
  5. multimillionaire;

What are the translations for care?

Arabic word for Care


Bengali word for Care


Chinese words for Care

照料, 喜欢..., 在意.

Dutch words for Care

behandeling, zorg, bezorgdheid, verzorging, zorgvuldigheid, aandacht, ongerustheid, verpleging, beslommering, bekommering.

French words for Care

entretien, souci, assistance, soin, soins, attention, soutien, prudence, prise en charge.

German words for Care

Behandlung, Betreuung, Sorge, Versorgung, Wartung, Aufsicht, Obhut, Aufbewahrung, Pflege, Zuwendung, Schonung, Sorgfalt, Verwahrung, Charge, Vorsicht, sorgen, behüten, Sorgfaltspflicht, Umsicht, Obacht, Achtsamkeit, Anteilnahme, Sorgfältigkeit, Kummer, Garde, Cargo.

Greek word for Care


Hindi word for Care


Italian words for Care

accuratezza, assistenza, attenzione, trattamento, igiene, diligenza.

Japanese words for Care

気配り, 面倒, 用心, 要心, めんどう, かいしん, 気骨, 心づかい, 心懸け, 叮嚀, 心掛け, きぐろう, ぶいく, きぼね, かいご, ていねい, 撫育, 要慎, こころがけ, 心がけ, ねんいれ, あい.

Javanese word for Care


Malay word for Care


Marathi word for Care


Polish words for Care

opieka, leczenie, troska, dbałość, staranność, pielęgnacja, pielęgnowanie, piecza, troskliwość.

Portuguese words for Care

tratamento, cuidados, atenção, assistência, carinho, custódia, protecção.

Russian words for Care

уход, попечение, забота.

Spanish words for Care

importar, cuidar, cuidado, atención, asistencia, precaución, cautela, tratamiento, encargo, preocuparse, cura, delicadeza, custodia, esmero.

Swedish words for Care

sorg, omsorg.

Tamil word for Care


Turkish word for Care


Ukrainian word for Care