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What are the translations for food?

Arabic word for Food


Chinese words for Food

食, 食品, 食物, 美食, 粮, 餐点, 伙食, 吃食, 馈, 饭菜, 饭食, 粻, 餇, 饎.

Dutch words for Food

eten, voedsel, voeding, voer, voedingsmiddel, levensmiddel.

French words for Food

mât, alimentation, comestibles, aliments, nourriture, alimentaires, aliment, vivres, bouffe.

German words for Food

Verpflegung, Kost, Futter, Lebensmittel, Essen, Nahrung, Nahrungsmittel, Speise, fressen, Verköstigung, Esswaren, Cuisine.

Italian words for Food

cibo, alimentari, alimenti, generi alimentari, vitto, nutrimento.

Japanese words for Food

フード, 食べ物, 食料, 食物, 糧, たべもの, 兵粮, 食い物, 兵糧, 包丁, しょくもつ, めしあがりもの, くいもの, 召し上がり物, 庖丁, ほうちょう, 粮, かりて, しょくりょう.

Javanese word for Food


Korean word for Food


Malay word for Food


Marathi word for Food


Portuguese words for Food

nutriente, alimentício, alimentícia, alimentícios, alimentícias.

Russian words for Food

еда, пища, продовольствие, пропитание, пищевой, продовольственный.

Spanish words for Food

sustento, alimentar, alimento, abono, comida, alimentos, víveres, alimentaria, alimenticia, viandas.

Turkish word for Food


Ukrainian word for Food


Vietnamese word for Food

thức ăn.