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How To Spell education?

Correct spelling: education

List of misspellings for education:

  • deducution,
  • adheasion,
  • eductaion,
  • educatinal,
  • educatonial,
  • educatioon,
  • edufcation,
  • educatioin,
  • redcution,
  • educatian,
  • edution,
  • edjucational,
  • educastion,
  • eduactaion,
  • poduction,
  • derction,
  • detacation,
  • eaducation,
  • educationan,
  • edcutation,
  • pedication,
  • educaction,
  • ediucation,
  • edcucation,
  • educatiional,
  • atercation,
  • eductional,
  • educashion,
  • reducation,
  • certication,
  • adbuction,
  • idication,
  • educuation,
  • ogacoantion,
  • edittion,
  • decution,
  • edeucation,
  • edcaution,
  • edicational,
  • educationl,
  • evcuation,
  • dication,
  • sydication,
  • educationon,
  • dedacation,
  • eductaional,
  • ediction,
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  • situcation,
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  • eduation,
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  • edducation,
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  • eqution,
  • edcuational,
  • educatiing,
  • educaiotn,
  • deadcation.

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Christie's Education


Art school in London, England

Christie’s Education is a specialist provider of postgraduate higher education, continuing education and online learning in the fields of art history, art business, art law, contemporary art and art-world practice.

Modern Education



Modern Education, formerly Intel Education, is a Hong Kong cram school. It was founded in 1988 by Ken Ng Kam-Lun. According to the Education Bureau, there are 14 branches across Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories.

St Patrick's College, Dublin


College in Dublin, Republic of Ireland

St Patrick's College, formally known as DCU Drumcondra was a third level institution, located in Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland. The college was in existence since 1875 and has a Roman Catholic ethos.

TenMarks Education, Inc.


TenMarks Education, Inc. provides personalized online math practice and enrichment programs for K-Algebra/Geometry using a structured approach of practice, on-demand hints, video lessons and real-time results.

Uplift Education



Uplift Education is a public, non-profit, charter school, which was founded as the North Hills Preparatory School in Irving, Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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Rhymes for education:

  1. condensation, nomination, gyration, variation, specialization, pasteurization, democratization, liberation, categorization, fragmentation, mineralization, examination, coloration, exclamation, allocation, distillation, exaggeration, differentiation, recrimination, exasperation, qualification, detoxification, gastrulation, indication, equalization, approximation, incorporation, reaffirmation, capitulation, restoration, indentation, figuration, balkanization, suffocation, incubation, hospitalization, preparation, conjugation, disinformation, reclamation, dissertation, refrigeration, machination, consolidation, realization, implementation, hallucination, masturbation, marginalization, graduation, desecration, embarkation, participation, remediation, quantification, corroboration, redecoration, disorganization, reputation, escalation, inhalation, laceration, experimentation, narration, misappropriation, federation, multiplication, menstruation, incantation, equitation, revelation, separation, conglomeration, regeneration, revitalization, adoration, localization, hibernation, imitation, provocation, hesitation, coronation, oxidation, violation, dictation, plantation, implantation, orchestration, arbitration, dramatization, identification, disorientation, intimation, devastation, glorification, prostration, transillumination, derivation, exoneration, deliberation, destination, dilatation, articulation, recertification, perpetuation, cremation, revaluation, sequestration, advocation, deprivation, facilitation, characterization, stagflation, vacillation, fibrillation, bifurcation, explication, dissemination, miscommunication, dispensation, evaluation, agglomeration, authorization, creation, retaliation, prefabrication, duration, ministration, communization, deceleration, depopulation, exploitation, substantiation, unionization, dilation, formation, denunciation, assassination, dislocation, reiteration, fortification, classification, legislation, expropriation, specification, urbanization, reincarnation, migration, exfoliation, irradiation, gentrification, preoccupation, evocation, subsidization, sedimentation, horatian, evacuation, calibration, renovation, sophistication, recantation, suburbanization, duplication, discontinuation, reforestation, deportation, adaptation, location, exploration, desegregation, personalization, malformation, validation, ossification, conflagration, pigmentation, nationalization, discoloration, corporation, organisation, punctuation, reparation, medication, detonation, elimination, demodulation, cancellation, legalization, reevaluation, indoctrination, fumigation, incarceration, relation, congratulation, intensification, reconfiguration, indemnification, convocation, dissociation, confrontation, demarcation, demonstration, decertification, amortization, situation, defamation, retardation, conservation, optimization, quotation, trepidation, misrepresentation, incarnation, decentralization, colonization, predestination, victimization, certification, exhumation, hybridization, proclamation, incrimination, reformation, fixation, consideration, consolation, sarmatian, hydrogenation, privatisation, allegation, alleviation, gratification, echolocation, mutation, tabulation, respiration, lubrication, transportation, personification, instigation, neutralization, rumination, domestication, reinterpretation, coordination, confiscation, contemplation, calculation, celebration, falsification, ovation, simplification, determination, degeneration, litigation, decoration, ratification, pontification, flotation, imagination, mediation, dehydration, dalmatian, exhilaration, devaluation, computerization, renegotiation, vulgarization, desolation, privatization, invalidation, consternation, denomination, prognostication, authentication, industrialization, adjudication, termination, concentration, resuscitation, germination, discrimination, inauguration, ostentation, renunciation, preservation, desiccation, overpopulation, annihilation, proration, electrification, pacification, reclassification, aviation, sanctification, animation, intoxication, recommendation, nonproliferation, premeditation, profanation, augmentation, harmonization, ionization, alteration, transformation, misidentification, amelioration, confederation, integration, inflammation, saturation, depreciation, immunization, connotation, mitigation, miniaturization, vindication, constellation, disinclination, operation, modification, inclination, representation, popularization, formulation, incoordination, normalization, westernization, filtration, installation, extermination, subordination, coagulation, disqualification, culmination, evaporation, oration, dehumanization, communication, documentation, annotation, stimulation, reservation, pagination, deification, extrapolation, solicitation, recalculation, visualization, edification, configuration, deregulation, maturation, liquidation, population, invocation, centralization, demonization, infestation, impregnation, expatriation, orientation, regimentation, summation, reverberation, miseration, cogitation, reauthorization, organization, ramification, translation, oscillation, simulation, mobilization, strangulation, reinvigoration, procrastination, inhabitation, vegetation, rotation, denationalization, consummation, exhalation, occupation, damnation, registration, humiliation, rationalization, affiliation, sedation, standardization, expectation, revocation, fabrication, resignation, condemnation, notation, obligation, enumeration, temptation, reflation, elation, illumination, eradication, combination, molestation, indignation, purification, misapplication, vilification, obfuscation, pressurization, valuation, lactation, desalination, implication, limitation, protestation, anticipation, impersonation, overvaluation, rehabilitation, imputation, observation, repatriation, segregation, christianization, sterilization, deflation, cohabitation, compensation, taxation, interrogation, congregation, reexamination, ligation, negation, ordination, syndication, fertilization, titillation, utilization, recitation, libration, fascination, visitation, cooperation, emancipation, foliation, instrumentation, deformation, privation, emigration, indexation, pollination, naturalization, estimation, regulation, vaporization, initiation, self-congratulation, procreation, divination, relaxation, reorganization, reconsideration, precipitation, stalinization, excommunication, deviation, perturbation, reconciliation, vaccination, modulation, donation, clarification, optation, propagation, permutation, rectification, origination, importation, negotiation, affirmation, emanation, rededication, alienation, exhortation, automation, constipation, inactivation, isolation, consecration, reconfirmation, equivocation, inoculation, expiration, foundation, computation, replication, confabulation, demobilization, telecommunication, information, deforestation, desperation, liberalization, misinformation, delegation, cultivation, intonation, confirmation, justification, levitation, incapacitation, russification, admiration, ejaculation, fluctuation, verification, altercation, pronunciation, segmentation, mummification, decontamination, annexation, manifestation, disputation, miscalculation, appropriation, destabilization, securitization, vibration, perforation, incrustation, croatian, conciliation, monopolization, rejuvenation, immigration, avocation, fermentation, consultation, disintegration, unification, desalinization, ovulation, accumulation, misinterpretation, amalgamation, degradation, reallocation, complication, nondiscrimination, reunification, nullification, inspiration, nitration, socialization, inflation, dedication, insulation, depravation, gradation, vocation, sensation, improvisation, codification, habitation, concatenation, hyperinflation, investigation, intimidation, ventilation, glaciation, inundation, excavation, perspiration, notification, declaration, gravitation, disembarkation, amputation, speculation, undervaluation, mechanization, stipulation, elevation, frustration, appreciation, decapitation, repudiation, criminalization, fluoridation, vacation, starvation, corp, infatuation, insubordination, correlation, assimilation, salvation, rehydration, insinuation, continuation, excitation, mutilation, generalization, argumentation, agitation, generation, stagnation, illustration, motivation, affrication, hydration, diversification, backwardation, toleration, adulation, tribulation, commendation, refutation, presentation, meditation, gasification, jubilation, interpretation, designation, recreation, navigation, emulation, aspiration, amplification, usurpation, invitation, commemoration, modernization, flirtation, irrigation, dissipation, triangulation, sanitation, approbation, contamination, publication, manipulation, association, relocation, polarization, crustacean, delineation, probation, politicization, moderation, depredation, elaboration, elongation, magnetization, gestation, compilation, palpitation, recuperation, globalization, collectivization, maximization, appellation, exacerbation, nucleation, disinflation, innovation, insemination, transplantation, miscreation, stabilization, aggravation, affectation, irritation, application, commercialization, subluxation, saponification, renomination, infiltration, conversation, civilization, radiation, granulation, demoralization, appalachian, proliferation, remuneration, collaboration, ornamentation, magnification, reaffiliation, explanation, domination;
  2. haitian, station, nation, ration;
  3. alsatian, citation, causation, cetacean, castration, cessation, carnation;
  4. aberration, acclimation, accusation, abrogation, abdication, activation;
  5. abbreviation, accreditation, abomination, acceleration, accommodation;
  6. acidification, cannibalization, alphabetization, capitalization;
  7. americanization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for education:

Afrikaans words for Education

vorming, onderwys.

Arabic word for Education


Bengali word for Education


Chinese words for Education

教育, 求学, 教养.

Dutch words for Education

opleiding, ontwikkeling, onderwijs, opvoeding, voorlichting, scholing, educatie, onderwijs.

French words for Education

enseignement, instruction, pédagogie, scolarisation.

German words for Education

Ausbildung, Bildung, Erziehung, Bildungswesen, Schulung, Schulbildung, Unterricht, Pädagogik, Bildungsweg, Unterrichtswesen, Erziehungswesen, Erziehungswissenschaft.

Greek word for Education


Italian words for Education

istruzione, formazione, educazione, insegnamento.

Japanese words for Education

教育, エデュケーション, 育英, いくえい, エディケーション.

Korean word for Education


Malay word for Education


Norwegian word for Education


Polish words for Education

edukacja, nauka, wykształcenie, oświata.

Portuguese words for Education

educação, ensino, escolaridade, habilitações.

Romanian word for Education


Russian words for Education

образование, воспитание, педагогика, образовательные программы, просветительство, воспитательная работа, разъяснительная работа, ликбез, педагогическая деятельность.

Spanish words for Education

crianza, estudios, aprendizaje, educación, cultura, pedagogía.

Swedish word for Education


Turkish word for Education


Ukrainian word for Education