How To Spell guidance?

Correct spelling: guidance

What is the definition of guidance?

  1. the act of guiding or showing the way

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What are the rhymes for guidance?

  1. abidance, subsidence;

What are the translations for guidance?

French words for Guidance

directive, direction, conseils, orientation, guidage, indication, appui, conduite, instructions.

German words for Guidance

Betreuung, Leitung, Begleitung, Beratung, Anleitung, Steuerung, Orientierungshilfe, Lenkung, Orientierungshilfen, Supervision.

Japanese words for Guidance

指導, ガイダンス, 導き, 輔導, 先導, 補導, みちびき, しどう, きょうけ, 楫取り, かじ取り, きょうげ, 諭し, 教化, 舵取り, ほどう, さとし, かじとり.

Polish words for Guidance

zalecenie, prowadzenie, poradnictwo.

Portuguese words for Guidance

conselhos, ensinamentos.

Russian words for Guidance

наставничество, наведение, навигация, наводка.

Spanish words for Guidance

directrices, directriz, consejo, asesoramiento, consejos, ayuda, orientación, guía, apoyo, teledirección.