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How To Spell honey?

Correct spelling: honey

Definition of honey:

  1. To sweeten.

List of misspellings for honey:

  • ohone,
  • phoen,
  • hynea,
  • sonney,
  • hocey,
  • phnoe,
  • honco,
  • hourney,
  • dney,
  • honies,
  • houner,
  • highner,
  • mney,
  • honety,
  • phonei,
  • hygne,
  • hoined,
  • monney,
  • hinez,
  • hunni,
  • fhone,
  • phoner,
  • honse,
  • hnery,
  • homen,
  • mnoey,
  • honme,
  • honuor,
  • honoed,
  • henrey,
  • henery,
  • houee,
  • thorney,
  • monewy,
  • moeny,
  • hoaned,
  • howdey,
  • thney,
  • hanel,
  • honaray,
  • loney,
  • honer,
  • hoeny,
  • honier,
  • hoiney,
  • moneyy,
  • hunrey,
  • jorney,
  • hoeoin,
  • oniy,
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  • hobbey,
  • pohone,
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  • hopey.

What does the abbreviation honey mean?


Honey as a girl's name is pronounced HUN-ee. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Honey is "nectar". May possibly be a diminutive of Honora, though often used as a nickname and name of endearment.

Related words for honey

Honey Honey no Suteki na Bouken


Manga series

Honey Honey no Suteki na Bouken is a shōjo manga by Hideko Mizuno first published in 1968 and made into a 29-episode anime television series in 1981 by Kokusai Eiga-sha.

Honey Piazza


American piano player

Debra "Honey" Piazza is an American piano player. She is a founding member of the band Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers.

Honey Ryder


Musical trio

Honey Ryder is a male/female British music trio, consisting of Lindsay O'Mahony on vocals, Matt Bishop on rhythm guitar and Jason Huxley on lead guitar. The band's style of music varies from rock to folk and indie. Originally a duo, they scored two UK top 40 hits in the late 2000s.

Honorata Skarbek


Polish singer-songwriter

Honorata Skarbek, also known as Honey, is a Polish singer, songwriter and fashion blogger. Award winner at the festival TOPtrendy 2011 in Sopot and VIVA Comet Awards 2012 in the category debut of the year.

John Honey


John Honey became famous as a nineteen-year-old student of the University of St Andrews. On 5 January 1800 he was attending a service at St Salvator's Chapel when the congregation received news that a small ship, the Janet of Macduff, had run aground east of the town harbour.

Google Ngram Viewer results for honey:

This graph shows how "honey" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for honey:

  1. Ign'rance does waste time, honey

Quotes for honey:

  1. A very beautiful honey blonde, Sharon Tate, looked into the eyes of the man who the evidence shows just four and a half months later would order her tragic and violent death.
  2. Photo shoots for underage girls are like letting an ant walk around with honey.
  3. I organized Sweet Honey In The Rock in 1973. The music was sanity and balance.
  4. We have found that morals are not, like bacon, to be cured by hanging; nor, like wine, to be improved by sea voyages; nor, like honey, to be preserved in cells.
  5. Honey, have you ever seen a man knitting socks?

Rhymes for honey:

  1. money, runny, gunny, sunny, bunnie, funny, sonny, tunney, tunny, bunny;

Translations for honey:

Afrikaans word for Honey


Arabic word for Honey


Chinese words for Honey

honewort, 蜂蜜.

Dutch words for Honey

liefje, schatje, honing, schat, lieveling, lieverd.

French word for Honey


German words for Honey

Liebling, Schatz, Honig, Bienenhonig, Blütenhonig, Herzchen, Hasi, Schatzi.

Greek word for Honey


Hindi word for Honey


Italian word for Honey


Japanese word for Honey


Korean word for Honey


Norwegian word for Honey


Polish word for Honey


Portuguese words for Honey

de mel, mel, melífera.

Romanian word for Honey


Russian word for Honey


Spanish words for Honey

caro, tesoro.

Swedish word for Honey


Ukrainian word for Honey