How To Spell home?

Correct spelling: home

What is the definition of home?

  1. provide with, or send to, a home

What does the abbreviation home mean?

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What are the rhymes for home?

  1. nome, kolm, tome, boehm, rome, loam, noam, holm, gnome, combe, boehme, roam, foam, lome, ohm, yom, oehme, comb, clomb, dome, chrome;
  2. shalom, jerrome, guillaume, jerome;

What are the translations for home?

Arabic word for Home


Dutch words for Home

huis, woning, hem, thuis, tehuis.

French words for Home

local, familial, logement, habitation, demeure, maison, patrie, domicile, hospice, chez-soi, au pays.

German words for Home

Haushalt, Wohnung, Stift, familiär, Haus, Zuhause, Heimat, Heim, nach Hause, zu Hause, Foyer, national, Dom, Wohnhaus, Daheim, Eigenheim, Elternhaus, Heimstatt, Heimstätte, Ausgangsposition, Heilanstalt, nachhause, heimwärts.

Greek word for Home

σπίτι μου.

Hindi word for Home


Italian word for Home


Japanese words for Home

ホーム, 家庭, ハイム, 国内的, 原産地, ほんば, やど, 閨門, けいもん, こくないてき, げんさんち, 我が家へ.

Javanese word for Home


Korean word for Home


Malay word for Home


Norwegian word for Home


Polish words for Home

mieszkanie, do użytku domowego, domowy, macierzysty, do domu.

Portuguese words for Home

sede, interno, lar, início, residencial, residenciais, moradia, pátria, página inicial, caseiro, domiciliário, domiciliária, para casa.

Russian words for Home

дом, домой, родина, домашний очаг.

Spanish words for Home

eV, hogar, casa, propiedad, vivienda, residencia, cuna, hábitat, doméstica, a casa, nacional, interior, patria, domicilio, asilo, página de inicio, desde casa.

Ukrainian word for Home