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How To Spell flame?

Correct spelling: flame

Definition of flame:

  1. To inflame; to excite.

List of misspellings for flame:

  • blmae,
  • freame,
  • floam,
  • clame,
  • flims,
  • famle,
  • flamigo,
  • slame,
  • fullm,
  • falce,
  • fuelmate,
  • falue,
  • framee,
  • flemsey,
  • filme,
  • falle,
  • flagge,
  • flace,
  • feamale,
  • filemed,
  • filimed,
  • forname,
  • felpham,
  • feamle,
  • femaie,
  • fmale,
  • filma,
  • fiilm,
  • flamin,
  • fhome,
  • folage,
  • blme,
  • flaire,
  • fullsome,
  • fallimg,
  • lifeime,
  • fillem,
  • falre,
  • femae,
  • flaier,
  • fleace,
  • flmes,
  • full0time,
  • fillm,
  • famime,
  • fgame,
  • femlae,
  • flme,
  • forlimb,
  • feelimg,
  • flam,
  • flamly,
  • flrmal,
  • falure,
  • flage,
  • fapmi,
  • fimlaur,
  • famlie,
  • flemel,
  • fullham,
  • fullname,
  • flawer,
  • felame,
  • olume,
  • felema,
  • flegm,
  • flae,
  • felmale,
  • plame,
  • famou,
  • falme,
  • flams,
  • frrame,
  • femael,
  • flate,
  • alame,
  • phelam,
  • filom,
  • famly,
  • falimy,
  • alarme,
  • famel,
  • flager,
  • fultime,
  • flamer,
  • famli,
  • falmliy,
  • feamel,
  • vlume,
  • flase,
  • filim,
  • lmae,
  • filimg,
  • llamo,
  • flameco,
  • flym,
  • falmier,
  • flamily,
  • fulham,
  • falmes.

What does the abbreviation flame mean?

Related words for flame

Big Flame


Rock band

Big Flame were a post punk/Indie rock three piece band, based in Manchester, England and active from 1983 to 1986. The members were Alan Brown, Greg Keeffe and Dil Green.

Flame Delhi


Baseball player

Lee William "Flame" Delhi was a pitcher in Major League Baseball. He played one game for the Chicago White Sox in 1912. Delhi was the first Arizona-born player to appear in the major leagues.

Flame of Peace


Non-profit organization

Flame of Peace is an award granted by the Austrian non-profit organization Vereins zur Förderung des Friedens, which promotes world peace. The flame is represented by a wood carving mounted on a stone base.

Ochropleura plecta


The flame shoulder is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is distributed throughout the Palearctic from Ireland in the west to Siberia then Korea and Japan in the east.

The Flames


Musical group

The Flames was a musical group from Durban in South Africa. The band was originally formed in 1963 by guitarist Steve Fataar, bassist Brother Fataar, drummer George Faber and guitarist Eugene Champion.

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Rhymes for flame:

  1. lame, exclaim, aim, shame, mame, proclaim, rename, reclaim, claim, maim, bame, damme, aime, inflame, same, baim, dame, name, fame, tame, mayme, blame, frame, ame, brame, came, boehme, boehm, haim, game, graeme;
  2. ballgame, disclaim, defame, ashame, aflame, became, declaim, acclaim;
  3. overcame;

Translations for flame:

Arabic word for Flame


Bengali word for Flame


Dutch words for Flame

vuur, vlam.

French words for Flame

amoureux, amour, flamber, injurier, amoureuse.

German word for Flame


Greek word for Flame


Hindi word for Flame


Italian word for Flame


Javanese word for Flame


Malay word for Flame


Marathi word for Flame


Polish word for Flame


Portuguese word for Flame


Romanian word for Flame


Spanish words for Flame

antorcha, llama, flama.

Tamil word for Flame


Turkish word for Flame