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How To Spell friend?

Correct spelling: friend

Definition of friend:

  1. an associate who provides assistance; "he's a good ally in fight"; "they were friends of the workers"

List of misspellings for friend:

  • freen,
  • triond,
  • firned,
  • errend,
  • freined,
  • foiren,
  • frenced,
  • freindy,
  • froint,
  • fimnd,
  • friendsw,
  • friench,
  • oriened,
  • freeland,
  • frineds,
  • frinde,
  • friendwho,
  • yourfriend,
  • frind,
  • frenzed,
  • ariund,
  • fiind,
  • frnced,
  • firepit,
  • frienze,
  • forein,
  • sovrienty,
  • frinday,
  • friendo,
  • difrent,
  • friten,
  • girfriend,
  • friendlly,
  • fibnd,
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  • difirent,
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  • forien.

What does the abbreviation friend mean?


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Friend Opportunity


Album by Deerhoof

Friend Opportunity is the eighth full-length album by American band Deerhoof. It was released on January 23, 2007 on Kill Rock Stars, ATP Recordings and 5 Rue Christine. It features twelve different album covers by the British artist David Shrigley.

My Friend Hitler


Book by Yukio Mishima

Waga Tomo Hitler or My Friend Hitler is a 1968 play written and produced by a well-known Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. Published in book form on October 13, 1968, the play was first produced on stage the following year and ran January 18–31, 1969.

My Friend Tony


My Friend Tony is an American crime drama that aired on NBC in 1969. The pilot originally aired as "My Pal Tony" on The Danny Thomas Hour on March 4, 1968.

My Tutor Friend 2


2007 film

My Tutor Friend 2 is a 2007 South Korean romantic comedy film released on April 19, 2007. It was promoted as a sequel to the 2003 movie My Tutor Friend, but the films' characters and plots are unrelated, and only share the basic premise of a boy and girl of the same age that happen to meet as student and tutor, and later fall in love.

Owen Friend


Baseball manager

Owen Lacey Friend was a Major League Baseball second baseman for five different teams between 1949 and 1956. Listed at 6'1, 180 lb., Friend batted and threw right-handed. Nicknamed "Red", he was born in Granite City, Illinois. Strictly a line drive hitter, Friend entered the majors with the St.

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Quotes for friend:

  1. I have a friend that is a WWII buff, and we sat and talked a lot about stuff like the war and the reasons behind it, and you now it's all in the uniform. Once you're in it, it usually does all the work for you.
  2. A sympathetic friend can be quite as dear as a brother.
  3. A friend of mine once told me that I can't screw up when I play my own music. I also take voice lessons, play other peoples' songs out of music books, and occasionally figure out how to play other people's music from records. This keeps my ears, fingers, and mind working.
  4. Above our life we love a steadfast friend.
  5. An incinerator is a writer's best friend.

Translations for friend:

Arabic word for Friend


Bengali word for Friend


Chinese words for Friend

朋友, 好友, 友人, 熟人.

Dutch words for Friend

maat, vriend, kameraad, kornuit, gabber, makker, kompaan.

German words for Friend

Freund, Venn.

Italian word for Friend


Japanese words for Friend

友人, 友達, 味方, フレンド, 御方, 傍輩, ダチ, 友朋, だち, けいてい, 顔なじみ, ともがき, いも, 知る辺, みかた, ゆうほう, かおなじみ, 顔馴染, 友垣, 匹偶, ゆうじん, アミ, 友つ人, ちじん, ほうばい, きょうだい, 顔馴染み, しるべ.

Malay word for Friend


Papiamento word for Friend


Polish word for Friend


Romanian word for Friend


Russian words for Friend

друг, подруга, приятель, знакомый, подружка, дружок.

Spanish word for Friend


Swedish word for Friend


Tamil word for Friend


Turkish word for Friend


Ukrainian word for Friend