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How To Spell find?

Correct spelling: find

List of misspellings for find:

  • befind,
  • freind,
  • fecned,
  • firdt,
  • piund,
  • finind,
  • forwned,
  • fild,
  • cind,
  • founud,
  • findf,
  • finil,
  • frinday,
  • faied,
  • findin,
  • froint,
  • boyfiend,
  • finda,
  • afend,
  • fibnd,
  • founde,
  • efind,
  • efined,
  • ifound,
  • fianl,
  • avoind,
  • findsigh,
  • faund,
  • figude,
  • forwand,
  • flind,
  • ifant,
  • knind,
  • fionca,
  • firend,
  • firned,
  • feild,
  • freiend,
  • fobid,
  • friiend,
  • findy,
  • frinde,
  • ffiord,
  • jind,
  • boyfirned,
  • frined,
  • refind,
  • fundy,
  • faound,
  • foundd,
  • fione,
  • kindo,
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What does the abbreviation find mean?

Related words for find

Caittil Find


Caittil Find was the leader of a contingent of Norse-Gaels, recorded as being defeated in battle in 857 CE. Some historians have considered him to be identical to Ketill Flatnose, a prominent Norse sea-king who had strong associations with the Hebrides of Scotland and Olaf the White.

Eochaid mac Áeda Find


Áed Find's son

Eochaid mac Áeda Find is a spurious King of Dál Riata found in some rare High Medieval king-lists and in older history books. Supposedly a son of Áed Find and successor to Áed's brother Fergus mac Echdach, Eochaid is now thought to represent a misplacing of the reign of Eochaid mac Echdach.

Find a Family


British television programme

Find a Family is a British television programme that aired between 1989 and 1991 across the ITV network. The programme was an appeal to rehome disadvantaged children for adoption or long-term fostering.

Find a Place to Die


1968 film

Find a Place to Die is a spaghetti western starring Jeffrey Hunter and Pascale Petit. It was co-written and directed by Giuliano Carnimeo with sequences directed by Hugo Fregonese who also produced the film.

Find Me My Man


Television series

Find Me My Man is a television series airing on the Oxygen Network. The show follows match-maker Natalie Clarice as she attempts to pair up new couples and instruct them on how to develop long-term relationships.

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Translations for find:

Arabic word for Find


Chinese words for Find

找到, 发觉, 找着, 搜获.

Dutch word for Find


French words for Find

constater, localiser, trouver, retrouver, rencontrer, cari.

German words for Find

feststellen, aufbringen, herausfinden, Empfinden, vermitteln, suchen, antreffen, auftreiben, finden, entdecken, heraussuchen, aufsuchen, Fund, Entdeckung, vorfinden, auffinden, auftun, Finne, Fundgegenstand, Fundobjekt, Schatzfund.

Greek word for Find


Hindi word for Find

लगता है.

Italian word for Find


Javanese word for Find


Korean word for Find


Polish words for Find

znaleźć, znajdować, odnaleźć.

Portuguese words for Find

descobrir, achar.

Romanian word for Find

a găsi.

Spanish words for Find

considerar, conseguir, procurar, alcanzar, encontrar, llegar, descubrir, buscar, recuperar, determinar, detectar, hallazgo, descubrimiento, localizar, identificar, hallar, topar con.

Swedish words for Find

vind, hitta.

Tamil word for Find


Turkish word for Find


Ukrainian word for Find


Vietnamese word for Find

tìm thấy.