How To Spell faint?

Correct spelling: faint

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What are the rhymes for faint?

  1. paint, st, saint, quaint, taint, ain't, feint;
  2. restraint, complaint, repaint, acquaint, constraint;

What are the translations for faint?

Afrikaans word for Faint


Arabic word for Faint


Chinese words for Faint

微微, 微弱, 淡淡, 晕倒, 昏厥, 隐约, 昏倒, 发昏, 微弱的.

French words for Faint

vague, petit, tenue, flou, s'évanouir, levé, tomber dans les pommes, faire une syncope, tenues.

German words for Faint

umkippen, subtil, matt, schwach, leise, blass, ohnmächtig werden, in Ohnmacht fallen, undeutlich, Faible.

Greek word for Faint


Italian word for Faint


Japanese words for Faint

かすか, ほのか, 失神, 絶え絶え, きをうしなう, そこはかとない, きぜつ, 朧ろ, よわりきる, 朧, かそけし, 朧気, うっすら, 曖々, たえだえ, あいあい, きがとおくなる, 気が遠くなる, 幽し, 昏倒, 曖曖, 気を失う, 失心, 気絶, かすかな.

Malay word for Faint


Norwegian word for Faint


Portuguese words for Faint

frouxo, ligeiro, fraco, desmaiar, desmaio, desfalecimento, desbotada, cansados, desfalecer, perder os sentidos.

Russian words for Faint

падать в обморок, терять сознание.

Spanish words for Faint

suave, apagado, ligero, vago, sutil, borroso, desmayo, desmayarse.

Swedish words for Faint

väg, Svag.

Turkish word for Faint


Ukrainian word for Faint


Vietnamese word for Faint

yếu ớt.