How To Spell curious?

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What are the rhymes for curious?

  1. furious, spurious;
  2. injurious;

What are the translations for curious?

Afrikaans word for Curious


Arabic word for Curious

مُحِبٌّ لِلاسْتِطْلاع.

Bengali word for Curious

কৌতূহল দোকান.

Chinese word for Curious


Dutch words for Curious

bijzonder, vreemd, curieus, nieuwsgierig, benieuwd, merkwaardig, eigenaardig, zeldzaam, wonderlijk, leergierig, weetgierig.

French words for Curious

curieux, singulier, bizarre.

German words for Curious

seltsam, eigenartig, komisch, ausgefallen, sonderbar, neugierig, kurios, gespannt, wunderlich, wissbegierig, wundersam, schaulustig.

Greek word for Curious


Hindi word for Curious


Japanese words for Curious

奇妙, 物珍しい, ものめずらしい, ちん, 知りたがる.

Javanese word for Curious

Toko penasaran.

Korean word for Curious

호기심이 강한.

Malay word for Curious

Kedai ingin tahu.

Marathi word for Curious

उत्सुकता दुकान.

Norwegian word for Curious


Polish words for Curious

ciekawy, dociekliwy, osobliwy, interesujący, ciekawski.

Romanian word for Curious


Russian words for Curious

любопытный, любознательный, интересный, диковинный.

Spanish words for Curious

interesado, curioso, peculiar.

Swedish word for Curious


Tamil word for Curious

ஆர்வமுள்ள கடை.

Turkish word for Curious

Merak dükkanı.

Ukrainian word for Curious


Vietnamese word for Curious

tò mò.