How To Spell improper?

Correct spelling: improper

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This graph shows how "improper" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for improper?

  1. " I told you that to ask me such things is improper said the girl, coloring.

What are the rhymes for improper?

  1. hopper, dropper, copper, popper, chopper, cropper, proper, whopper, topper, stopper, shopper;

What are the translations for improper?

Afrikaans word for Improper


Arabic word for Improper

غير لائق.

Bengali word for Improper


Chinese words for Improper

失宜, 不合适, 不当, 妥当, 不正当, 不端, 媮, 不合法的.

French words for Improper

mauvais, incorrect, abusif, inexact, déplacé, indu, impropre, inacceptable, inappropriées, inconvenant, inopportun, malséant, irrespectueux, indécent, malvenu, peu convenable.

German words for Improper

unlauter, ungenau, ungeeignet, unangemessen, unangebracht, unsachgemäß, sittenwidrig, unecht, falsch, unrichtig, unzutreffend, unpassend, zweckwidrig, unvorschriftsmäßig, unschicklich, ungebührlich, vorschriftswidrig, uneigentlich, regelwidrig, nicht vorschriftsmäßig, unziemlich, untauglich, unkorrekt.

Italian word for Improper


Japanese words for Improper

不適切, 不適正, みっともない, 端ない, ふそうおう, ふにあい, 不似合い, 不似合, 有るまじき, ふてきせい, 見っともない, ふてきせつ, クセ, くせ, 不相応, 不適切な.

Javanese word for Improper

Ora bener.

Norwegian word for Improper


Polish word for Improper


Portuguese word for Improper


Romanian word for Improper


Russian word for Improper


Spanish words for Improper

incorrecto, deshonesto, inadecuado, indebido, impropio, indecoroso, indecente, improcedente, inapropiado.

Swedish word for Improper


Tamil word for Improper


Turkish word for Improper


Ukrainian word for Improper


Vietnamese word for Improper

không đúng.