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How To Spell encounter?

Correct spelling: encounter

Definition of encounter:

  1. a minor short-term fight

List of misspellings for encounter:

  • encuter,
  • inniconet,
  • incount,
  • xencounter,
  • encoutnered,
  • entounter,
  • encaunters,
  • enocunter,
  • incogneto,
  • enconsed,
  • incounterd,
  • intoaccount,
  • incont,
  • ecounter,
  • encountere,
  • encouter,
  • innocnt,
  • encopunter,
  • ocunter,
  • encuonter,
  • enconter,
  • ingenounity,
  • ecounters,
  • encounteed,
  • incauterd,
  • anncounce,
  • andunder,
  • innconent,
  • encunter,
  • enjoyingthe,
  • enconemie,
  • encounterd,
  • encourate,
  • inconter,
  • encorne,
  • acounter,
  • incounter,
  • unannoucned,
  • endounter,
  • enounter,
  • econconmy,
  • incoent,
  • undercounter,
  • inconve,
  • anoucned,
  • enconomy,
  • ofaccount,
  • ingornt,
  • inncoent,
  • ancante,
  • innicoent,
  • encouged,
  • inconunter,
  • incconet,
  • inncont,
  • annoucned,
  • enocunters,
  • enocounter,
  • encounting,
  • encountr,
  • encouncter,
  • encourted,
  • incounters,
  • encountes,
  • unconver,
  • envounter,
  • encounte,
  • accounter,
  • unaccount,
  • encournter,
  • encouner,
  • incohernt,
  • enconters,
  • encountter,
  • enjeneer,
  • incohert,
  • ancounters,
  • enconemy,
  • encouted,
  • anncounced,
  • encounted,
  • encounterer,
  • enounicate,
  • encoutner,
  • encourter,
  • unconfort,
  • announcved,
  • encanted,
  • incounted,
  • anaccount,
  • encount,
  • innocnet,
  • encarnate,
  • enconmy,
  • encarneted,
  • annocuned,
  • enconuter,
  • innconet,
  • encinet,
  • ancounter.

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An Encounter with Faces


1978 film

An Encounter with Faces is a 1978 short documentary film directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and produced by K.K. Kapil. It focuses on a group of children in an orphanage. It was nominated in 1978 for an Academy Award for Documentary Short Subject.

Encounter killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud


The encounter killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud occurred on 13 January 2018, in the eastern suburbs of Karachi, following the encounter carried out by Rao Anwar.

Encounter with the Unknown


1973 film

Encounter with the Unknown is a 1973 American horror film directed by Harry Thomason and narrated by Rod Serling.

Joyous Encounter


Album by Joe Lovano

Joyous Encounter is a 2005 album by the jazz saxophonist Joe Lovano. The album features the same personnel as Lovano's 2004 recording I'm All For You; bassist George Mraz, drummer Paul Motian, and pianist Hank Jones.

Xtro II: The Second Encounter


1990 film

Xtro II: The Second Encounter is a 1990 horror science fiction film.

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This graph shows how "encounter" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for encounter:

  1. towner, counter, crowner, downer;

Translations for encounter:

Arabic word for Encounter


Bengali word for Encounter


Chinese words for Encounter

遇到, 遭遇, 邂逅, 会遇, 交会.

Dutch words for Encounter

ontmoeting, kennismaking.

French words for Encounter

rencontre, rencontrer, affronter, confrontation.

German words for Encounter

Gefecht, treffen, Begegnung, Zusammentreffen, begegnen, stoßen auf, treffen auf, mit in Berührung kommen, Aufeinandertreffen, Konfrontation, Zusammenstoß, Trainingsgruppensitzung, auf stoßen, antreffen, entgegentreten.

Greek word for Encounter


Hindi word for Encounter


Italian word for Encounter


Japanese words for Encounter

出会い, 遭遇, 出会う, エンカウンター, 出合い, 出会, 出逢う, 逢着, そうぐうせん, そうぐう, であう, しゅっかい, 小戦, しょうせん, 出合う, エンカウント, 出遭う, ちょくめん, ほうちゃく, 遭遇戦, >直面する.

Javanese word for Encounter


Korean word for Encounter

> 부닥치다.

Malay word for Encounter


Norwegian word for Encounter


Polish word for Encounter


Portuguese words for Encounter

experiência, encontro, confrontar, deparar-se, deparar, batalha, peleja, encontrar-se com.

Romanian word for Encounter


Russian words for Encounter

случайная встреча, соударение.

Spanish words for Encounter

combate, encontrar, encontrarse, descubrir, cita, encuentro, encontrarse con, duelo, enfrentamiento, hallar, enfrentar, encarar, bronca.

Swedish word for Encounter


Tamil word for Encounter


Turkish word for Encounter


Ukrainian word for Encounter


Vietnamese word for Encounter

cuộc gặp gỡ.