How To Spell anger?

Correct spelling: anger

What is the definition of anger?

  1. make angry; "The news angered him"

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What are the rhymes for anger?

  1. bangor;

What are the translations for anger?

Chinese words for Anger

怒气, 火气, 气人.

Dutch words for Anger

woede, boosheid, toorn, kwaadheid.

French words for Anger

colère, fâcher, emportement, mettre en colère.

German words for Anger

Zorn, Wut, Groll, Verärgerung, erzürnen.

Japanese words for Anger

怒り, はらだち, いかづち, しんね, 向か腹, しんい, 向腹, むかっぱら, かみなり, 鬱憤, 憤怒, 忿然, 憤懣, 瞋恚, ふんもん, 嗔恚, かんかん, 腹立ち, 怒気, 向っ腹, らい, うっぷん, ふんまん, いかずち, 忿懣, どき, 向かっ腹, むかばら, 憤悶, むかっ腹, 欝憤.

Polish words for Anger

złość, gniew.

Portuguese words for Anger

raiva, ódio, fúria, cólera, zanga, revolta.

Russian word for Anger


Spanish words for Anger

ira, enojo, rabia, coraje, furor, cólera, enfado.