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How To Spell bait?

Correct spelling: bait

Definition of bait:

  1. A luncheon.

List of misspellings for bait:

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  • caight,
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What does the abbreviation bait mean?

Related words for bait

Ashraf Bait Taysir


Omani soccer player

Ashraf Eid Taysir Bait Taysir, commonly known as Ashraf Taysir, is an Omani footballer who last played for Dhofar S.C.S.C. in the Oman Elite League.

Bait al Hikmat


Bait al Hikmat is the main library at Hamdard University, Karachi, Pakistan. It opened in December 1989 and is named after the famous library, House of Wisdom, in Baghdad.

Baitul Futuh


Mosque in Morden, England

The Baitul Futuh Mosque, also known as the Morden Mosque, is a mosque complex in Morden, London. It is one of Britain's largest mosques, and one of the largest in western Europe.

Rising to the Bait


1992 film

Rising to the Bait is a 1992 German comedy film directed by Vadim Glowna. It was entered into the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival.

The Devil's Bait


1917 film

The Devil's Bait is an extant 1917 dramatic silent feature film starring Ruth Roland, an actress usually associated with serials. It was directed by Harry Harvey and produced by the Balboa Amusement Producing Company. General Film Company handled the distribution. Future director Henry King, still an actor at this time, appears as a supporting player in the film. This movie exists in the Library of Congress collection.

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Quotes for bait:

  1. Modesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise.
  2. The finer the bait, the shorter the wait!
  3. Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.
  4. Our money is bait money, and bait money is not to be used.
  5. I think the bait for doing something really is always the part.

Translations for bait:

Arabic word for Bait


Bengali word for Bait


Dutch words for Bait

lokmiddel, aas, lokaas.

French words for Bait

provoquer, bête, attirer, appâter, leurre, amorce, tentation.

German words for Bait

anlocken, locken, hetzen, Fischköder, Luder, Lockmittel, Lockspeise, Lockstoff, Ködermittel.

Greek word for Bait


Hindi word for Bait


Italian word for Bait


Korean word for Bait


Malay word for Bait


Marathi word for Bait


Polish word for Bait


Portuguese words for Bait

tentar, aborrecer, irritar, seduzir, isca, isco, chamariz, iscar, atrativo, arreliar, aliciar, engodo, cevar.

Romanian word for Bait


Russian words for Bait

наживка, приманка, приманивать, прикорм, приманки.

Spanish words for Bait

desafiar, provocar, acosar, anzuelo, cebar, cebo, carnada, aliciente, hostigar, atormentar, importunar, AGN.

Tamil word for Bait


Ukrainian word for Bait


Vietnamese words for Bait

yểm, mồi.