How To Spell bother?

Correct spelling: bother

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What is the definition of bother?

  1. make confused or perplexed or puzzled

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  1. father;

What are the translations for bother?

Afrikaans word for Bother


Arabic word for Bother


Bengali word for Bother

মাথা ঘামান.

Chinese word for Bother


French words for Bother

importuner, ennuyer, tourmenter, brouiller, ennui, incommoder, prendre la peine, tracas, emmerder, enquiquiner, tracasser, faire chier.

German words for Bother

Problem, beunruhigen, sich kümmern, stören, plagen, ärgern, Ärger, belästigen, behelligen, Sorgen machen, nerven, keine Ruhe lassen, sich kehren, zu schaffen machen, genieren, Plage, Schererei, kümmern (sich).

Greek word for Bother


Italian word for Bother


Japanese words for Bother

煩わせる, 迷惑, いためる, ごめいわく, お手数, 世話焼き, てかず, おてかず, 手数, てすう, 迷惑を掛ける, せわをやく, めいわくをかける, 御手数, おてすう, せわやき, 煩わす, べいこく, 迷惑をかける, わずらわす, 世話を焼く, もやくや, ご迷惑, わずらわせる, 御迷惑, めいわく.

Javanese word for Bother


Malay word for Bother


Marathi word for Bother

त्रास देणे.

Norwegian word for Bother


Polish words for Bother

utrapienie, fatyga, zmartwienie, przejmować się.

Portuguese words for Bother

aborrecer, atrapalhar.

Romanian word for Bother

a se deranja.

Russian words for Bother

мешать, заморачиваться, побеспокоить, тревожить, помешать.

Spanish words for Bother

molestar, agobiar, molestarse, preocupar, molestia, perturbar, dificultades, fastidiar, preocuparse, fregar, incomodidad, incomodar, problemas, incordiar, importunar, embromar, marear, chinchar, atosigar, jorobar, tomarse la molestia, meterse con, majaderear.

Turkish word for Bother


Ukrainian word for Bother


Vietnamese word for Bother

quấy rầy.