How To Spell grieve?

Correct spelling: grieve

What is the definition of grieve?

  1. break the heart of; cause to feel sorrow

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What are the translations for grieve?

Chinese words for Grieve

伤心, 哀痛, 伤心蒿目, 怞.

French words for Grieve

pleurer, faire son deuil, chagriner, affliger, avoir du chagrin, avoir de la peine.

German words for Grieve

wehklagen, wehtun, betrauern, trauern, betrübt sein, sich grämen.

Japanese words for Grieve

なげく, 泣かせる, いたみ悲しむ, たんじる, 泣かす, 嘆ずる, たんずる, しおたれる, いたみかなしむ, 潮垂れる, うれえる, なかせる, なかす, 愁える, 悼み悲しむ, 歎じる, 憂える, 歎ずる.

Spanish words for Grieve

llorar, lamentarse, afligirse, acongojarse, apenar.