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Correct spelling: beef

Definition of beef:

  1. Consisting of the flesh of the ox, & c.
  2. The flesh of an ox, bull, or cow, when killed.

Common misspellings for beef:

beed, beek.


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Examples of usage for beef:

  1. A round of beef may be stewed in the same manner. –  by
  2. Take some slices of cold roast beef that has been under- done. –  by
  3. Let the beef simmer slowly, but do not allow it to boil. –  by

Quotes for beef:

  1. I eat a variety of foods like vegetables, fruit and beef for protein and iron.
  2. Our cattlemen have given us the safest, most abundant, most affordable beef supply in the world and I trust their judgment. And if you look at consumer confidence in this country, so does the American public.
  3. John Henry Newman was as English as roast beef, even if he lacked a passion for cricket.
  4. If we gave up eating beef we would have roughly 20 to 30 times more land for food than we have now.
  5. It was dog food. Beef livers with onions in a can. You open it up and it looks like vomit.

Rhymes for beef:

  1. brief, chief, fief, grief, leaf, lief, reef, sheaf, thief, reif, rief, keefe, leif, keeffe, naef, neef, seif;
  2. belief, debrief, massif, motif, o'keeffe, relief, sharif, o'keefe, saif, matif;
  3. disbelief;