How To Spell happy?

Correct spelling: happy

What does the abbreviation happy mean?


cheerful, lighthearted
Happy as a girl's name is of English origin, and the meaning of Happy is "cheerful, lighthearted". Used in the 19th century; Felicity and Hilary are more common in modern times. Happy is sometimes used as a nickname nowadays. The late Nelson Rockefeller's wife was named Happy.

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What are the usage examples for happy?

  1. Charlotte ought to be very happy with that kind old man.

What are the rhymes for happy?

  1. scrappy, snappy, crappie, chappie, cappy, mapi, nappi;
  2. unhappy;

What are the translations for happy?

Chinese word for Happy


Dutch words for Happy

blij, glad, gelukkig, tevreden, vrolijk, verheugd, voorspoedig, verblijd, vergenoegd.

French words for Happy

satisfait, joyeux, content, heureux, fier, chanceux, enthousiaste, satisfaite, satisfaits, ravis, réjoui, contente.

German words for Happy

treffend, zufrieden, erfreut, froh, glücklich, happy, freudig, unbeschwert, freudvoll, glückselig.

Italian word for Happy


Japanese words for Happy

嬉しい, ハッピー, うれしい, 愉快, 喜ばしい, 幸ある, きちじょう, 吉祥, ルンルン, さちある, よろこばしい, かいぜん, 愛でたい, 睦まじい, 幸有る, むつまじい, 快然, 気嫌, きっしょう, ゆかい, ごきげん, 幸福な.

Javanese word for Happy


Malay word for Happy


Portuguese words for Happy

boa, bom, satisfeito, empolgado, radiante, felizes, alegres, sortudo, contentes, satisfeitos, risonho, radioso, satisfeita, entusiasmados, bem-disposto, bem-aventurado, fausto, lépido, esfuziante, regozijante, prazenteiro, bem-fadado, hílare, álacre, festo, fagueiro, jucundo.

Romanian word for Happy


Spanish words for Happy

oportuno, dispuesto, afortunado, contento, satisfecho, alegre, encantado, animado, feliz, felices, entusiasmado, deleitado, jubiloso, dichoso, dispuesta, afortunada, venturoso, exultante.

Swedish word for Happy


Turkish word for Happy