How To Spell abuse?

Correct spelling: abuse

What is the definition of abuse?

  1. improper or excessive use

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What are the rhymes for abuse?

  1. hughes, mewes, luiz, chuse, truce, suffuse, seduce, revues, sous, hews, schmooze, moose, dues, shoes, pews, clues, obtuse, druse, sluice, mews, muse, refuse, tattoos, meuse, spruce, tewes, ewes, joos, views, buse, drews, news, reuse, kuse, reduce, ques, noose, mousse, deuce, boos, foos, cruse, whose, stews, queues, juice, use, cues, jews, lose, pursues, skews, enthuse, twos, clews, luse, fuse, woos, moos, disuse, bruise, dews, zeus, glues, druze, taboos, transfuse, infuse, tews, shrews, coos, canoes, brews, misuse, produce, kruse, luce, booze, roos, toulouse, bruce, seuss, oohs, goos, snooze, koos, recluse, sues, choose, miscues, confuse, peruse, who's, goose, ruse, renews, spews, crews, soos, screws, loos, duce, profuse, coups, hues, ensues, cruise, defuse, trues, ooze, cruz, boose, reviews, recuse, induce, excuse, loose, blues;
  2. bemuse, accrues, accuse, abstruse, diffuse, deduce, amuse, caboose, adduce;
  3. kangaroos, overuse, reproduce, disabuse, introduce;
  4. reintroduce, overproduce;

What are the translations for abuse?

Afrikaans word for Abuse


Arabic word for Abuse

سُوْءُ الاِسْتِعْمال.

Bengali word for Abuse


Chinese word for Abuse


French words for Abuse

violation, tourmenter, fraude, abus, maltraitance, exploitation, abuser, abuser de, maltraiter, agression, violer, insulter, mauvais traitement, mauvais traitements.

German words for Abuse

beleidigen, Missbrauch, Misshandlung, Beleidigung, unsachgemäßer Gebrauch, missbrauchen, misshandeln, beschimpfen, Beschimpfung, Missstand, Übergriff, Schmähung, Ungerechtigkeit, malträtieren, schmähen, falsch anwenden.

Greek word for Abuse


Hindi word for Abuse


Japanese words for Abuse

虐待, 濫用, 罵倒, 誤用, 罵り, あっこう, ぎゃくたい, ちょうば, 罵言, 惡口, ののしる, 譏誹, ぎゃくぐう, こき下ろす, こくし, 雑言, つうば, 扱きおろす, あくへい, めんばばとう, わるくち, 扱き下ろす, ごしよう, 誤使用, きひ, 面罵罵倒, 冷罵, 嘲罵, 悪弊, れいば, 扱下ろす, わるぐち, リンチ, 罵詈, ののしり, あくたれぐち, 妄用, ばげん, 逆用.

Korean word for Abuse


Malay word for Abuse


Marathi word for Abuse


Norwegian word for Abuse


Polish words for Abuse

wykorzystywanie, nadużycie, nadużywanie.

Romanian word for Abuse


Russian words for Abuse

оскорбление, злоупотребление, злоупотреблять, надругаться над, надругательство, жестокое обращение, злоупотребить.

Spanish words for Abuse

abuso, abusar, insultar, maltrato, abusar de, maltratar, violencia, insulto, insultos, injuriar.

Swedish word for Abuse


Tamil word for Abuse


Turkish word for Abuse


Ukrainian word for Abuse


Vietnamese word for Abuse

sự lạm dụng.