How To Spell disgrace?

Correct spelling: disgrace

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What are the usage examples for disgrace?

  1. A more childish sentence never was written than " its publication at the present day among his elegant works is a disgrace to modern times, and to his high reputation."

What are the rhymes for disgrace?

  1. embrace, race, heyse, misplace, space, case, trace, retrace, vase, wace, grace, mace, pace, base, glace, brace, place, lambastes, chase, cayce, caisse, erase, replace, chace, incase, nace, dace, lace, encase, ace, bass, face, thrace;
  2. abase, debase, displace, efface, deface, apace;
  3. interlace;

What are the translations for disgrace?

Afrikaans word for Disgrace


Arabic word for Disgrace


Bengali word for Disgrace


Chinese words for Disgrace

玷辱, 蒙羞, 耻, 侮, 謑, 往脸上抹黑, 垢, 尤诟.

French words for Disgrace

honte, disgrâce, déshonneur, disgracier, couvrir de honte, humilier, scandale, ignominie, opprobre.

German words for Disgrace

Affront, Schande, Ungnade, Schande bringen, Schandfleck, blamieren, Schmach, Blamage, Skandal.

Greek word for Disgrace


Italian word for Disgrace


Japanese words for Disgrace

汚点, 凌辱, 恥曝し, 赤恥, 不評, けがれ, 汚し, 瑕瑾, ふしゅび, おじょく, よごす, ふめんぼく, 創, よごし, 穢す, きず, はずかしめる, けがす, しったい, 不評判, 汚す, 辱め, くつじょく, 赤っ恥, ふひょう, 不面目, ふひょうばん, 恥晒し, ちじょく, りょうじょく, 不首尾.

Javanese word for Disgrace


Korean word for Disgrace


Malay word for Disgrace


Norwegian word for Disgrace


Polish word for Disgrace


Portuguese words for Disgrace

ignomínia, descrédito.

Romanian word for Disgrace


Russian words for Disgrace

немилость, опала, бесчестие.

Spanish words for Disgrace

deshonra, desgracia, infamia, oprobio, mancilla, desgracias, deshonor.

Tamil word for Disgrace


Turkish word for Disgrace


Ukrainian word for Disgrace


Vietnamese word for Disgrace

ô nhục.