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How To Spell evil?

Correct spelling: evil

Definition of evil:

  1. having the nature of vice

List of misspellings for evil:

  • rvial,
  • eviel,
  • ideviual,
  • reveail,
  • lvl73,
  • evry,
  • evily,
  • cvil,
  • equil,
  • evis,
  • evanly,
  • ivin,
  • cervial,
  • etail,
  • enirly,
  • ivillage,
  • evl,
  • beivle,
  • deivl,
  • ovaly,
  • eifel,
  • vivil,
  • util,
  • ivig,
  • nevil,
  • vvill,
  • bevile,
  • aveil,
  • revol,
  • evie,
  • eagl,
  • emil,
  • alevel,
  • avial,
  • alvioli,
  • devill,
  • eavallv,
  • nevillie,
  • eeirly,
  • elvole,
  • evalyn,
  • devel,
  • eail,
  • availa,
  • civl,
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  • vivyl,
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  • leval.

What does the abbreviation evil mean?

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Studio album by Primal Scream

Evil Heat is the seventh studio album by Primal Scream. The album's sound is similar to XTRMNTR, but not as abrasive and with more psychedelic overtones.

Evil Obsession


1996 film

Evil Obsession is a 1997 erotic thriller film produced and directed by Richard W. Munchkin. The film stars Corey Feldman as a man obsessed with, and stalking model Kimberly Stevens, amidst a spate of serial murders of models.

Evil Penguins



Evil Penguins: When Cute Penguins Go Bad is the first published work by author/illustrator Elia Anie. It is a collection of dark humor cartoons in the style of The Book of Bunny Suicides and The Far Side.

Evil Roy Slade


1972 film

Evil Roy Slade is a 1972 made-for-television spoof-Western comedy film about the "meanest villain in the West". It was directed by Jerry Paris and co-produced and co-written by Garry Marshall.

Evil Town


1987 film

Evil Town is a 1987 American zombie horror film directed by Edward Collins, Mardi Rustam, Larry Spiegel and Peter S. Traynor. Evil Town was the last film with the actor Dean Jagger.

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This graph shows how "evil" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for evil:

  1. Money is the root of all evil, and yet it is such a useful root that we cannot get on without it any more than we can without potatoes.
  2. On the choice of friends, Our good or evil name depends.
  3. There surely is in human nature an inherent propensity to extract all the good out of all the evil.
  4. Evil, by definition, is that which endangers the good, and the good is what we perceive as a value.
  5. No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.

Rhymes for evil:

  1. weevil;
  2. medieval, upheaval, primeval, retrieval;

Translations for evil:

Afrikaans words for Evil

snood, ongeluk.

Arabic word for Evil


Bengali word for Evil


Chinese words for Evil

邪, 恶事, 孽, 邪恶的.

Dutch words for Evil

slecht, boos, kwaad, kwaadaardig, onheil, boosaardig, slechtheid.

French words for Evil

vil, horrible, mauvais, mauvaise, nocif, malheur, cruel, vis, malveillant, diable, abominable, malfaisant, diabolique, maléfique, démoniaque, funeste, infâme, infernal.

German words for Evil

schlimm, schlecht, Mal, Ruin, mau, Böses, Übelstand, teuflisch, verhext.

Greek word for Evil


Italian word for Evil


Japanese words for Evil

悪, 邪悪, 厄難, 邪, おうどう, ひが, 僻, やくなん, 凶, 邪ま, 兇, 横道, 不善, 獄道, 悪し, 悪しき, 極道, じゃあく, イービル, エビル, ふぜん, イーブル, マレフィック, ごくどう.

Korean word for Evil


Malay word for Evil


Portuguese words for Evil

errado, prejudicial, maldoso, ruim, perverso, impiedoso, maldade, crueldade, malévolo, diabólico, ímpio, iníquos, perniciosa, demoníaco, malfazeja, desumano, satânico.

Russian words for Evil

зло, злой, злостный, недобрый.

Spanish words for Evil

malo, frío, nocivo, malvada, malvado, nefasto, maldad, maligno, diabólico, canalla, flagelo, pernicioso, malicia, malevolencia, vileza, perversidad, malicioso, maldito, maléfico, inicuo, demoniaco, endiablado, endemoniado, desalmado, odioso, males.

Swedish word for Evil


Tamil word for Evil


Vietnamese word for Evil