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Correct spelling: hostile

Definition of hostile:

  1. An enemy.
  2. Belonging to an enemy; showing enmity; unfriendly.

Common misspellings for hostile:

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Rhymes for hostile:

  1. vile, guile, tile, bile, hostel, sheil, trial, while, lile, style, kyl, smile, pyle, hile, weil, lyle, wile, seil, mile, aisle, geil, pile, weill, kile, stile, bille, niall, dial, nile, file, gile, phyle, kyle, isle, rile;
  2. fertile, nevile, restyle, beguile, mikhail, soleil, worthwhile, argyll, compile, awhile, revile, defile, postel, marseille;
  3. versatile;