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Correct spelling: blow

Definition of blow:

  1. A stroke; an act of hostility; a sudden calamity; the blossoms; the bloom; a gale of wind; breath; an ovum or egg deposited by a fly. To blow hot and cold, to vacillate: to side now with one party, now with the other. To blow over, to pass away without effect; to subside. To blow up, to be broken and scattered by the explosion of gunpowder. To blow out, to extinguish by blowing upon; to scatter, as by a pistol- shot. To blow up, to inflate; to kindle; to burst or scatter by the explosion of gunpowder; to bring to nought suddenly; to scold. To blow upon, to make stale or common, as a passage in a writer; to speak ill of; to regard as worthless; to divulge.
  2. To drive a current of air upon; to drive by a current of air; to put out of breath: to inflate with air; to puff up; to sound a wind instrument; to spread by report; to taint by depositing eggs upon, as flies; to shatter by explosives.; to come to blossom.
  3. To make a current of air; to pant; to sound as a horn by being blown; to flower; to blossom.

Common misspellings for blow:

bolw, clow, bale, baapl, baall, baelia, baoulia, bove all, bulia, b fell, b aell, bwal, bawl, bhaal, bwaal, lbow.


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Examples of usage for blow:

  1. A blow is a sudden impact, as of a fist or a club; a stroke is a sweeping movement; as, the stroke of a sword, of an oar, of the arm in swimming. A shock is the sudden encounter with some heavy body; as, colliding railway- trains meet with a shock; the shock of battle. A slap is given with the open hand, a lash with a whip, thong, or the like; we speak also of the cut of a whip. A buffet or cuff is given only with the hand; a blow either with hand or weapon. A cuff is a somewhat sidelong blow generally with the open hand; as, a cuff or box on the ear. A stripe is the effect or mark of a stroke. In the metaphorical sense, blow is used for sudden, stunning, staggering calamity or sorrow; stroke for sweeping disaster, and also for sweeping achievement and success. We say a stroke of paralysis, or a stroke of genius. We speak of the buffets of adverse fortune. Shock is used of that which is at once sudden, violent, and prostrating; we speak of a shock of electricity, the shock of an amputation, a shock of surprise. Compare BEAT. –  by
  2. What if it came on to blow now? – The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson
  3. But what if it came on to blow – The Ghost Pirates by William Hope Hodgson

Quotes for blow:

  1. All you needed back then was a blow dryer and a dream.
  2. A pun does not commonly justify a blow in return. But if a blow were given for such cause, and death ensued, the jury would be judges both of the facts and of the pun, and might, if the latter were of an aggravated character, return a verdict of justifiable homicide.
  3. That's what you work all season for, to get into the playoff games, and you don't want to blow it.
  4. Ever since we were little, we were so on fire for our dreams. We never let anyone blow our flames out.
  5. As long as the Palestinians send terrorists onto school buses and to nightclubs to blow up people, Israel has no choice but to build the fence.

Rhymes for blow:

  1. au, beau, below, bestow, bordeaux, bow, chateau, co, cousteau, cro, crow, defoe, doe, doh, dough, escrow, floe, flow, foe, forego, forgo, glow, go, gogh, grow, hello, ho, hoe, kayo, know, ko, kowtow, loewe, low, luo, marceau, mo, monroe, mow, munro, o', oh, outgrow, owe, plateau, plough, poe, pro, rho, ro, roe, rondeau, rouleau, row, sew, show, sloe, slow, snow, so, so-so, sow, stow, stowe, tableau, tho, thoreau, though, throw, toe, tow, truffaut, turbot, undergo, woe, beaux, flo, fro, jo, joe, lo, moe, poh, rideau, tableaux, tallyho, tarot, trow, whoa, wo, ngo, strow, boe, coe, giraud, loew, lowe, noe, renaud, rowe, thibault, cloe, margaux, chau, cho, devaux, glo, gro, loh, chateaux, aux, bio, goe, goh, vo, dau, mau, nau, quo, tso, uno, yo, bo, roh, tyo, ow, loe, gau, bro, hoh, koh, noh, cabo, eau, joh, yoe, yoh, gloe, papo, kyo, inco, bowe, escoe, sgro, yau, zoh, perot, peugeot, nouveau;
  2. aglow, ago, although, miro, pernod, arnaud, arnault, renault;
  3. apropos, imo, overflow, ivo, eeo, taekwondo;
  4. celo;