How To Spell bruise?

Correct spelling: bruise

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What are the translations for bruise?

Afrikaans word for Bruise


Arabic word for Bruise


Bengali word for Bruise

কালশিটে দাগ.

Chinese words for Bruise

打伤, 擦伤, 淤血斑, 弄伤, 淤青, 紫斑, 痍, 伤痕, 青肿.

French words for Bruise

hématome, bleu, contusion, contusionner, ecchymose, meurtrissure, provoquer des ecchymoses.

German words for Bruise

verletzen, quetschen, zerstampfen, Beule, zerschrammen, Prellung, blauer Fleck, Bluterguss, Druckstelle, Druckstellen bekommen, blaue Flecke bekommen, Erguss, Quetschung, Hämatom, Kontusion, sich prellen.

Greek word for Bruise


Hindi word for Bruise


Italian word for Bruise


Japanese words for Bruise

あざ, あおタン, うちきず, 青タン, 挫創, 打ち身, うちみ, 打身, 打ち傷, だぼくしょう, 青痣, あおあざ, 黶, 打傷, 青あざ, 打撲傷, ざそう, 痣.

Javanese word for Bruise


Korean word for Bruise


Malay word for Bruise


Marathi word for Bruise


Norwegian word for Bruise


Portuguese words for Bruise

machucar, ferir, contusão, machucadura.

Romanian word for Bruise


Russian words for Bruise

синяк, ушиб, гематома, кровоподтёк.

Spanish words for Bruise

moretón, hematoma, magulladura, moratón, cardenal.

Swedish word for Bruise


Tamil word for Bruise


Turkish word for Bruise


Ukrainian word for Bruise


Vietnamese word for Bruise

vết thâm tím.