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How To Spell blows?

Correct spelling: blows

List of misspellings for blows:

  • bloggs,
  • lowsy,
  • jelows,
  • blosem,
  • blose,
  • bloow,
  • bloons,
  • belons,
  • blossem,
  • bolow,
  • bloks,
  • bools,
  • belogs,
  • blogs,
  • ballls,
  • blewm,
  • blowl,
  • belowl,
  • belowis,
  • oblious,
  • bilous,
  • blowe,
  • blones,
  • aloows,
  • bluesy,
  • blooy,
  • bow'si,
  • belowe,
  • beloww,
  • belov,
  • blufss,
  • blees,
  • borws,
  • blizz,
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  • clows,
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  • blasa.

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Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up


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Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up is a New Zealand science television series that started on 19 April 2015, hosted by Nigel Latta.

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Quotes for blows:

  1. Good actions are a guard against the blows of adversity.
  2. There was no indication of panic. The broken files marched back in steady step. The effort was nobly made and failed from the blows that could not be fended.
  3. We're really happy. It still kind of blows my mind that people watch the show!
  4. I find that balancing my life with my work with the kids at St. Jude, working on books, working on my career as an actor and taking time out for my husband and family help to cushion a lot of the blows.
  5. John Coltrane- I've been listening to the 'Trane again. It blows you away, because I know more now and I hear more now and I had a life that I've lived!

Rhymes for blows:

  1. boes, joes, lo's, ngos, pose, those, jos, prose, glows, bose, grows, beaus, bowes, throws, sews, clothes, moes, goes, sows, owes, close, toes, boase, ohs, pows, vose, crows, mose, hoes, flows, cose, snows, bows, hose, o's, crose, ose, lows, chose, tows, shows, roes, nose, knows, throes, woes, pros, doze, noes, slows, gose, froze, brose, rows, rose, lowes, foes, rohs;
  2. enclose, disclose, expose, dispose, plainclothes, foreclose, propose, depose, compose, repose, tarots, oppose, bestows, dubose, arose, transpose, impose, stavros, forgoes, suppose;
  3. interpose, decompose, reimpose, presuppose, predispose, juxtapose;
  4. overexpose, superimpose;

Translations for blows:

Spanish words for Blows

golpes, soplos, porrazos, bofetadas.