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How To Spell fruit?

Correct spelling: fruit

Definition of fruit:

  1. cause to bear fruit

List of misspellings for fruit:

  • fruilt,
  • favrouite,
  • ferrit,
  • froint,
  • fruiot,
  • faveroit,
  • fromit,
  • fouht,
  • favreit,
  • faorit,
  • forught,
  • friut,
  • fruis,
  • ciruit,
  • feret,
  • fraid,
  • forfit,
  • fridy,
  • furute,
  • ferritti,
  • freate,
  • fourht,
  • figrut,
  • frort,
  • frowd,
  • frist,
  • frutis,
  • frit,
  • frund,
  • forutne,
  • forat,
  • fifity,
  • frigit,
  • fourlt,
  • reruit,
  • fruite,
  • fridat,
  • beforeit,
  • fovrite,
  • fravit,
  • siriit,
  • forium,
  • froud,
  • frdige,
  • froaud,
  • furnitue,
  • fraut,
  • fruti,
  • freihgt,
  • faviot,
  • fratic,
  • fruiit,
  • fruade,
  • frgot,
  • favrot,
  • frunt,
  • frtiz,
  • friuts,
  • frint,
  • favrit,
  • farid,
  • fluite,
  • druit,
  • ferousity,
  • fuit,
  • fruites,
  • frude,
  • furutre,
  • faourite,
  • fridgit,
  • favirot,
  • firdt,
  • favoit,
  • fruitual,
  • forfiet,
  • fruad,
  • forid,
  • foutr,
  • fraudian,
  • fauilt,
  • froot,
  • fauct,
  • fquite,
  • fruiday,
  • fruir,
  • fraude,
  • firat,
  • firepit,
  • cruity,
  • fromt,
  • fruitiion,
  • frout,
  • faveruote,
  • freat,
  • friten,
  • frut,
  • fouride,
  • fuirt,
  • fourtit,
  • frutre.

What does the abbreviation fruit mean?

Related words for fruit

Bulmer's fruit bat



Bulmer's fruit bat is a megabat endemic to New Guinea. It is listed as a critically endangered species due to habitat loss and hunting. It is the only member of the genus Aproteles.

Dayak fruit bat



The dayak fruit bat or dyak fruit bat is a relatively rare frugivorous megabat species found only on the Sunda Shelf of southeast Asia, specifically the Malay Peninsula south of the Isthmus of Kra, and the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

Hybrid fruit


Hybrid fruits are created through the controlled speciation of fruits that creates new varieties and cross-breeds. Hybrids are grown using plant propagation to create new cultivars.

The Fruit is Ripe


1977 film

The Fruit Is Ripe is a 1977 German softcore erotic comedy film directed by Sigi Rothemund.

Turks Fruit


Novel by Jan Wolkers

Turks Fruit is a Dutch novel written by Jan Wolkers in 1969. Wolkers based the character Olga on his second wife Annemarie Nauta, his third wife Karina Gnirrep and photographer and poet Ida Sipora.

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Examples of usage for fruit:

  1. Afterwards put your fruit into the syrup, and boil it till tender.

Rhymes for fruit:

  1. newt, lute, shute, shoot, brut, stroot, mute, loot, boot, chute, bute, root, route, suit, brute, jute, moot, toot, hoot, boote, huette, truitt, scoot, cute, flute, knute, butte, coot;
  2. permute, minute, pursuit, acute, beirut, reroute, salute, cahoot, dilute, uproot, pollute, dispute, recruit, repute, refute, compute, impute, commute, astute;
  3. subacute, disrepute;

Translations for fruit:

Afrikaans word for Fruit


Arabic word for Fruit


Chinese words for Fruit

水果, 果香, 果子, 果品.

Dutch words for Fruit

vrucht, groenten, resultaat.

French word for Fruit


German words for Fruit

Ergebnis, Frucht, Resultat, Obst.

Greek word for Fruit


Hindi word for Fruit


Italian word for Fruit


Japanese words for Fruit

フルーツ, 果実, 果物, 実, くだもの, みずもの, かぶつ, 木ノ実, 水菓子, きのみ, みずがし, 水物, 菓, 菓物.

Javanese word for Fruit


Korean word for Fruit


Malay word for Fruit


Marathi word for Fruit


Polish word for Fruit


Romanian word for Fruit


Russian word for Fruit


Spanish word for Fruit


Swedish word for Fruit


Tamil word for Fruit


Turkish word for Fruit


Ukrainian word for Fruit


Vietnamese word for Fruit

trái cây.