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Correct spelling: case

Definition of case:

  1. A covering, box, or sheath; a receptacle for types; a quantity.
  2. That which falls or happens; an event, particular state, condition, or predicament of a person; an instance; question at issue; a cause or suit in court; change in the termination of a noun, & c., to express relation In case, in the event.
  3. To cover with or put in a case. To be in good case, to be in good condition of body.

Case \c(a)-se\

Case as a boy's name is of French origin, and the meaning of Case is "box".
Related names:
Casey, Cass, Cace.

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Rhymes for case:

  1. ace, base, bass, brace, chase, dace, embrace, encase, erase, face, glace, grace, heyse, lace, mace, misplace, pace, place, race, replace, retrace, space, thrace, trace, vase, chace, incase, cayce, lambastes, wace, nace, caisse;
  2. abase, apace, debase, deface, disgrace, displace, efface;
  3. interlace;