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How To Spell case?

Correct spelling: case

Definition of case:

  1. look over, usually with the intention to rob; "They men cased the housed"

List of misspellings for case:

  • cacel,
  • jasey,
  • crasey,
  • becqause,
  • becayse,
  • casuely,
  • hase,
  • becausey,
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What does the abbreviation case mean?


Case as a boy's name is of French origin, and the meaning of Case is "box".

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This graph shows how "case" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Rhymes for case:

  1. lace, vase, caisse, encase, bass, dace, ace, face, misplace, embrace, mace, trace, chace, lambastes, pace, retrace, grace, base, incase, erase, brace, heyse, chase, cayce, replace, space, race, glace, wace, thrace, nace, place;
  2. displace, apace, efface, disgrace, abase, deface, debase;
  3. interlace;

Translations for case:

Arabic word for Case


Bengali word for Case


Chinese word for Case


Dutch words for Case

huls, geval, zaak, behuizing, kist, casus.

French words for Case

affaire, question, cas, boîtier, étui, fouille, trousse, exemple, caisse, valise.

German words for Case

Angelegenheit, inspizieren, Sache, Fall, Streitfall, Prozess, Dossier, Fach, Gehäuse, Etui, Kiste, Rechtsfall, Kasus, verkleiden, Situation, Koffer, Tasche, Hülse, Rechtssache, Futteral, Kasten, Schachtel, Setzkasten, Schrein, Zarge, Pasta.

Greek word for Case


Hindi word for Case


Italian words for Case

cassa, situazione.

Japanese words for Case

容れ物, 筥, 匣, いれもの, 函, ばやい, 入物, 容物, はこ, 毬.

Korean word for Case


Marathi word for Case


Norwegian word for Case


Polish words for Case

obudowa, sprawa, kęs, sytuacja, przypadek, skrzynia, pokrowiec, walizka, kasetka, futerał.

Portuguese words for Case

encaixar, assunto, ponto, revestimento, processo, caixa, estojo, exemplo, bainha, mala, custódia, cápsula, coldre, desinência.

Romanian word for Case


Russian words for Case

случай, ситуация, футляр, чемодан.

Spanish words for Case

problema, asunto, causa, funda, cobertura, expediente, demanda, caso, proceso, caja, maletín, argumentos, procedimiento, ejemplo, embalar, particular, bolsillo, ocasión, valija.

Swedish word for Case


Tamil word for Case


Turkish word for Case


Ukrainian word for Case


Vietnamese word for Case

trường hợp.