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How To Spell can?

Correct spelling: can

Definition of can:

  1. get to or be allowed to do something; "May I go to the movies tonight?"; "Can I have some ice cream?"; "We got to play video games all day long"

List of misspellings for can:

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What does the abbreviation can mean?


Can as a boy's name.

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American Can Company



The American Can Company was a manufacturer of tin cans. It was a member of the Tin Can Trust, that controlled a "large percentage of business in the United States in tin cans, containers, and packages of tin."

Can Framis Museum


Museum in Barcelona, Spain

Can Framis is the latest Fundació Vila Casas museum, an art center devoted to the promotion of contemporary Catalan painting. Located in the old Can Framis factory complex, the museum displays more than 250 paintings from the sixties to the present made by artists born or currently living in Catalonia.

Can Parellada


Village in Spain

Can Parellada is a village which forms part of the municipality of Masquefa in the comarca of the Anoia in Catalonia, Spain. It is served by a station on the FGC railway line R6 between Barcelona and Igualada. Its population as of 2005 was 1343.

River Can


River in England

The River Can is a river in Essex, England. Chelmsford is centred on the confluence of the Can and the River Chelmer. The Can enters Chelmsford from the west, joining the Chelmer to the east of the town.

Xun Can



Xun Can, courtesy name Fengqian, was a scholar and xuanxue philosopher of the state of Cao Wei in the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was a son of Xun Yu.

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Rhymes for can:

  1. tann, dan, gran, vann, cannes, blan, jaan, man, ahn, flan, brann, plan, spokane, jan, klan, bran, kan, mann, shan, pan, gann, than, chan, fan, rann, nan, cahn, dann, pran, tan, ran, jann, flann, cann, han, duan, caen, san, van, lan, yan, mahn, stan, clan, fran, an, ban, gan, span, whan, ann, phan, tran, scan, anne, thanh, lann;
  2. japan, cezanne, sedan, liane, macmahon, bhutan, susanne, chauvin, dyane, diane, roseanne, susann, leann, ruthann, rodin, rosanne, suzanne, saran, sudan, doran, lianne, dyan, cyan, roxanne, chapin, gauvain, lausanne, dianne, diahann, cspan, divan, duran, joann, began, georgann, pecan, beavan, mccann, beagan, toussaint, joanne, jourdan, cheyenne, louanne, moran, rattan, iran, outman;
  3. overran, soloman, maryanne, minivan, kellyanne, kazakhstan, marianne, maryann, gloriane, ariane, liliane, mcmahon, harmattan;
  4. catamaran;

Translations for can:

Arabic word for Can


Bengali word for Can

করতে পারেন.

Chinese words for Can

可以, 堪.

Dutch words for Can

blik, kunnen, kan, inblikken.

French words for Can

pouvoir, conserve, mettre en conserve, cannette, pote, bidon.

German words for Can

mögen, konservieren, Konserve, Dose, Bote, in Büchsen einlegen, eindosen, Pot, Tonne, Kanne, Kanister, Blechdose, Konservendose, Blechkanister, Konservenbüchse, Zinnblechbüchse, Blechbüchse, Gießgefäß.

Greek word for Can


Hindi word for Can

कर सकते हैं.

Italian word for Can


Japanese words for Can

取り消し, 罐, 鑵, ・・・できる.

Javanese word for Can


Korean word for Can

...할 수 있다.

Malay word for Can


Marathi word for Can


Polish word for Can


Romanian word for Can

a putea.

Russian words for Can

уметь, быть в состоянии, мочь, жестяная банка, бидон, канистра.

Spanish words for Can

poder, conservar, saber, enlatar, lata, conservar en lata, tarro.

Swedish word for Can


Turkish word for Can


Ukrainian word for Can