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Spell Check of bum

Correct spelling: bum


Definition of bum:

  1. The buttocks.
  2. To make a humming noise, as a bee.


fool, cigaret, epicure, vagrant, cheap, slob, informer, stool, idle, cheek, vomit, crummy, locoweed, tramper, claim, groundwork, trashy, squealer, jack off, back tooth, gaudy, sybarite, stateless, chinchy, rump, stinker, keister, dawdler, rear-end, weed, rotten, throne, hike, after part, git, lemon, shadower, roll in the hay, crumb, blabber, sordid, stern, foundation, goldbrick, clock watcher, arbitrary, insist on something, buzz off, gage, unequal, coffin nail, shutout, sponge, slug, tarry, bathroom, wood pussy, lurk, arse about, futile, second-rate, layabout, understructure, seedy, cigarette, female genitalia, gadabout, mill around, loaf, target, shadow, loiter, get, derelict, loll, plead, so-and-so, shnorr, female genital organ, wastrel, grub, voluptuary, shtup, rat, can buoy, no-good, idler, mope, flashy, goof-off, gourmand, screwing, gypsy, bad, order, back end, pointless, bottomland, connoisseur, piece of ass, poor, behind, basis, sloucher, freighter, tatty, canful, bon vivant, cut-rate, tinny, female genitals, fag end, laze, buns, drone, tooshie, quarter, tin can, bum around, merchant ship, ne'er-do-well, bed, loud, miserable, beggar, industrious, merchantman, cornerstone, musk turtle, pig, gourmet, cadge, seamy, punk, commode, buttock, bargain-basement, inexpensive, one-sided, tramp steamer, lingerer, tacky, schlock, dirty dog, lallygag, rear, lavatory, garish, common, tail assembly, undersurface, derriere, flotsam, mendicant, low-rent, grass, bottom, cheesy, street people, tail end, base, bugger off, homeless, scum bag, prat, inferior, potty, unjust, underside, gimcrack, unfair, puke, butt end, biased, vomitus, tail, nates, privy, piece of tail, meretricious, appeal, substructure, blackleg, skunk, lazybones, cheapjack, useless, hindquarters, purposeless, she-bop, hiker, down-and-out, mill about, partial, lounge lizard, mooch, laughingstock, good-for-nothing, lounge around, polecat, scram, deadbeat, low-grade, goat, butt joint, crapper, hedonist, foot, invite, pigpen, sleazy, john, croup, fundament, stinkpot, stooge, sess, ask for, inefficient, empennage, demand, bum about, footle, bag lady, scrounger, flash, posterior, buttocks, couch potato, ineffective, shirk, droop, request, junky, tin, coarse, bottom of the inning, unreasonable, freeloader, nooky, hind end, diddle, moocher, passenger, worthless, wrongful, defective, linger, mess, loll around, beg, seat, sponger, strikebreaker, green goddess, lounge about, can, mess about, faulty, chintzy, lump, backside, loafer, slacker, scab, squalid, smoke, brassy, dilly-dallyer, lav, swinger, betrayer, back, boor, waste one's time, loiterer, tawdry, frig around, schnorr, do-nothing, unjustified, place, stub, hiking, hang around, terrible, parasite, arse around, croupe, slouch, tush, lounge, fanny, rotter, horse around, pathetic, panhandler, scrounge, fool around, lollygag, slowpoke, sens.

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Examples of usage for bum:

  1. Instead of a spree, I've been on a bum- tour of the Sunny South." "Out of the Primitive" , Robert Ames Bennet.
  2. She sensed a heat in her eyes, as though they might now bum through the dark. "Caribbee" , Thomas Hoover.
  3. If he wasn't the father and mother and brother and sister of the original bum, I'll eat my hat. "The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story" , Various.

Quotes for bum:

  1. I slip from workaholic to bum real easy. - Matthew Broderick
  2. My kid could get a bad X -ray and I could get a call from the doctor saying I have something growing in my bum and that would change my perspective on everything instantaneously, on what is and what is not important. - Tom Hanks
  3. As soon as the harvest is in, you're a migrant worker. Afterwards just a bum. - Nunnally Johnson
  4. I didn't ask to be a hero, but I guess I have become one in the Christian community. So I accept it. But if I'm wrong about this, I guess I'll become a bum. - Hal Lindsey
  5. When you're in the States and you're a writer and you've got money and you walk into a bank, you're a bum with money. - Norman Spinrad

Rhymes for bum:

  1. alum, become, succumb.
  2. chum, clum, come, crum, crumb, drum, dum, dumb, dumm, from, glum, gmbh, grum, gum, gumm, hum, humm, lum, lumb, lumm, maam, mum, mumm, numb, plum, plumb, rum, scum, slum, some, strum, stum, sum, swum, thum, thumb, um, umm, yum.

Idioms for bum:

  1. a bum steer
  2. a bum rap
  3. bum around ( with sm)
  4. bum sm out
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