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How To Spell drum?

Correct spelling: drum

Definition of drum:

  1. a bulging cylindrical shape; hollow with flat ends

List of misspellings for drum:

  • surum,
  • denum,
  • drul,
  • delirum,
  • trumph,
  • troom,
  • grum,
  • ruum,
  • dropm,
  • tanrum,
  • drump,
  • trouma,
  • betrum,
  • trauam,
  • dum,
  • dremel,
  • tfrom,
  • dril,
  • drumed,
  • brum,
  • denium,
  • diafram,
  • digram,
  • retum,
  • triupmh,
  • drumer,
  • durm,
  • draem,
  • drus,
  • drame,
  • tdream,
  • dioroma,
  • drema,
  • deream,
  • drual,
  • syrum,
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  • dru,
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  • rytum.

What does the abbreviation drum mean?

Related words for drum

Drum & Lace


Film score composer

Drum & Lace is an electronic trip-hop band from Florence, Italy. Formed in 2013, their music is written, scored, recorded, and produced by Sofia Hultquist.

Drum, County Roscommon


Village in the Republic of Ireland

Drum is a village in south County Roscommon about 5 km west of Athlone. In the area north of the village there is located the Meehambee Dolmen, a portal tomb estimated to be 5,500 years old.

Drum, Missouri


Township in Missouri

Drum is an unincorporated community in the eastern part of Liberty Township in Bollinger County, Missouri. The community was named for the Drum family, who were prominent pioneers. A post office operated between the years 1893-1916.

Joseph Drum


Football player

Joseph C. Drum was an American football player and coach. He served as the first head football coach at Boston College. He, along with future Congressman Joseph F. O'Connell, were the founders of BC football team in 1892.

The Flower Drum Song


Novel by C. Y. Lee

The Flower Drum Song is a novel by Chinese-American author C. Y. Lee, first published in 1957. The novel tells the story of Chinese immigrants in San Francisco, and was a bestseller in its time.

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Rhymes for drum:

  1. stum, strum, glum, crumb, swum, plum, mum, lumm, hum, maam, some, sum, bum, gumm, numb, come, umm, dumm, from, plumb, thum, dum, thumb, humm, dumb, lumb, slum, chum, lum, yum, clum, rum, gmbh, um, scum, mumm, gum, crum, grum;
  2. succumb, alum, become;

Translations for drum:

Arabic word for Drum


Bengali word for Drum


Chinese word for Drum


Dutch words for Drum

vat, trom, drummen, trommelen, roffelen.

French words for Drum

cartouche, tambour, baril, fût, bidon, touret.

German words for Drum

Fass, Trommel, Walze, Tonne, trommeln, pauken, drum, Pauke spielen.

Greek word for Drum


Italian word for Drum


Korean word for Drum


Marathi word for Drum


Norwegian word for Drum


Polish word for Drum


Portuguese word for Drum


Romanian word for Drum


Spanish words for Drum

recipiente, caja, cartucho, rodillo, tambor, cilindro, batería, bidón.

Swedish words for Drum

dröm, trumma.

Tamil word for Drum


Turkish word for Drum


Ukrainian word for Drum