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What are the translations for cache?

Arabic word for Cache


Bengali word for Cache


Chinese word for Cache

> 一批隐藏物.

Dutch words for Cache

voorraad, kas, bergplaats.

French word for Cache


German words for Cache

Pufferspeicher, Zwischenspeicher, Cache, Versteck, Cachespeicher, Zwischenspeicherung, Waffenlager, geheimes Lager, Zugriffsspeicher.

Hindi word for Cache


Italian words for Cache

nascondiglio, quantitativo nascosto.

Japanese word for Cache


Korean word for Cache


Marathi word for Cache


Polish words for Cache

bufor, schowek, pamięć podręczna, skrytka, schron, pamięć przeglądarki.

Russian words for Cache

кэш, тайник, схрон.

Spanish words for Cache

reserva, memoria, escondite, memoria caché, escondrijo, alijo.

Tamil word for Cache


Turkish word for Cache


Ukrainian word for Cache


Vietnamese word for Cache

bộ nhớ cache.