How To Spell cd?

Correct spelling: cd

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What does the abbreviation cd mean?

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This graph shows how "cd" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

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What are the translations for cd?

Arabic word for Cd

قُرْصٌ مَضْغُوط.

Bengali word for Cd


Chinese words for Cd

光盘, 光碟, 激光唱片.

German words for Cd

Ausführungsplanung, Werkplanung.

Greek word for Cd

δίσκος CD.

Hindi word for Cd


Japanese words for Cd

CD, コンパクトディスク, シーディー, 衝突検出, 当たり判定, キャリアディテクト, しょうとつけんしゅつ, あたりはんてい.

Korean word for Cd


Marathi word for Cd


Polish words for Cd

płyta kompaktowa, krążek.

Russian word for Cd


Spanish word for Cd

disco compacto.

Swedish word for Cd


Tamil word for Cd


Turkish word for Cd


Ukrainian word for Cd


Vietnamese word for Cd

đĩa CD.