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Correct spelling: Came


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This graph shows how "Came" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for Came:

  1. " Can't say, Sir," came the Second Mate's. "The Ghost Pirates" , William Hope Hodgson.
  2. It was there right enough when I came for you. "The Ghost Pirates" , William Hope Hodgson.
  3. Then we came out. "The Ghost Pirates" , William Hope Hodgson.

Quotes for Came:

  1. That was the big thing when I was growing up, singing on the radio. The extent of my dream was to sing on the radio station in Memphis. Even when I got out of the Air Force in 1954, I came right back to Memphis and started knocking on doors at the radio station. - Johnny Cash
  2. Jessica Simpson is the youth ambassador for Operation Smile, and an episode of The Apprentice featured a team managing a charity concert she put on. Donald Trump came on stage and pledged a donation. - Roma Downey
  3. I didn't let anyone push me into things I didn't want to do where my career was concerned. So why did I crumble when it came to men? - Maureen O'Hara
  4. There are two ways to go when you hit that crossroads in your life: There is the bad way, when you sort of give up, and then there is the really hard way, when you fight back. I went the hard way and came out of it okay. Now, I'm sitting here and doing great. - Matthew Perry
  5. For some reason most critics have a hard time fixing their minds directly under their noses, and before they see the object that is there they use a telescope upon the horizon to see where it came from. - Allen Tate

Rhymes for Came:

  1. acclaim, aflame, ashame, ballgame, became, declaim, defame, disclaim.
  2. aim, aime, ame, baim, bame, blame, boehm, boehme, brame, claim, dame, damme, exclaim, fame, flame, frame, game, graeme, haim, inflame, lame, maim, mame, mayme, name, proclaim, reclaim, rename, same, shame, tame.
  3. overcame.

Idioms for Came:

  1. whole world came crashing down around
  2. There are plenty more where they/ that came from.
  3. This is where I came in.
  4. There are plenty more where came from
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