How To Spell cure?

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What does the abbreviation cure mean?

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What are the rhymes for cure?

  1. muir, ensure, unsure, demure, boor, ur, lure, moor, poor, manure, you're, spoor, secure, mature, ruhr, detour, your, pure, tour, gilmour, obscure, insure, lumpur, moore, impure, buhr, sure, inure, procure, uhr, endure;
  2. brochure, couture, bonjour, assure, baldur, allure;
  3. reassure, immature, reinsure, premature;
  4. entrepreneur;

What are the translations for cure?

Afrikaans word for Cure


Arabic word for Cure


Chinese words for Cure

疗, 固化, 腌制, 治疗, 医治, 治好, 矫治, 矫正.

Dutch words for Cure

middel, behandeling, oplossing, uitharden, genezing, genezen, geneesmiddel, medicijn, remedie, kuur, verhelpen, harden, lek.

French words for Cure

traiter, soigner, traitement, guérison, remède, guérir, saler, fumer, solution, correction, curé, cicatriser.

German words for Cure

Mittel, Heilmittel, beheben, heilen, vernetzen, Heilung, Kur, Heilverfahren, härten, auskurieren, pökeln, räuchern, Aushärtung, Vulkanisierung, Heilmethode, kurieren, vulkanisieren, trocknen, selchen, gesund machen.

Greek word for Cure


Italian words for Cure

guarigione, rimedio.

Japanese words for Cure

治療, キュア, 治する, 治療薬, 癒す, ちりょうやく, じゅくせい, ちりょう, ちする, 医する, じりょう, 矯める, 療病, いする, ためなおす, 矯めなおす, 癒やす, 矯め直す, りょうびょう, いやす.

Malay word for Cure


Norwegian word for Cure


Polish words for Cure

utwardzanie, leczenie, lekarstwo, kuracja, recepta.

Romanian word for Cure


Spanish words for Cure

resolver, remediar, secar, curar, cura, remedio, subsanar, terapia.

Swedish word for Cure


Turkish word for Cure


Ukrainian word for Cure


Vietnamese word for Cure

sự chữa bệnh.