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How To Spell association?

Correct spelling: association

Definition of association:

  1. the state of being connected together as in memory or imagination; "his association of his father with being beaten was too strong to break"

List of misspellings for association:

  • associaiotns,
  • assicaiation,
  • associateions,
  • assoiation,
  • assiociation,
  • asscociation,
  • sichuation,
  • postiotion,
  • assosciation,
  • asorbtion,
  • assossiation,
  • associatin,
  • assiociations,
  • associatation,
  • assocoation,
  • assoseation,
  • asocaition,
  • assaciation,
  • hestiation,
  • assossiations,
  • associastions,
  • assosition,
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  • associatoin,
  • associationg,
  • ossition,
  • ssociation,
  • asssociations,
  • associationis,
  • assocaition,
  • associaion,
  • assication,
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  • association''''s,
  • asociating,
  • annuciation,
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  • asssumtion,
  • assination,
  • issolation,
  • asotation,
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  • accociation,
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  • assaination,
  • assocciation,
  • allociation,
  • assoceation,
  • associatioin.

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Quotes for association:

  1. Association with human beings lures one into self -observation.
  2. If you look at the history of broadcasting, what you find is the National Association of Broadcasters is a trade association whose mission is to protect the interests of the commercial broadcasters.
  3. Orrin Hatch was the keynote speaker at the last meeting of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He sought me out because he was a fan. I was thinking he had confused me with someone else.
  4. I was so impressed with the work we were doing and I was very involved ideologically in photography- that I arranged an exhibition at the College Art Association. The first exhibition I picked the photographs and so on and we had an exhibition in New York.
  5. For origin and development of human faculty we must look to these processes of association in lower animals.

Rhymes for association:

  1. convocation, consolidation, information, coagulation, consternation, reservation, correlation, determination, normalization, insinuation, overvaluation, vindication, overpopulation, affrication, reaffiliation, appellation, articulation, fibrillation, consideration, assassination, dissertation, imitation, destination, destabilization, constipation, rehabilitation, contamination, deflation, disembarkation, implication, titillation, instrumentation, sterilization, application, utilization, organisation, malformation, decapitation, decentralization, confiscation, mutation, crustacean, dissipation, expectation, aspiration, moderation, proclamation, limitation, expatriation, proration, probation, characterization, publication, lubrication, federation, punctuation, dedication, certification, instigation, depravation, optation, standardization, segregation, discontinuation, exhortation, recuperation, representation, deportation, vilification, irradiation, jubilation, dalmatian, misinterpretation, elimination, translation, recrimination, misidentification, cogitation, incarceration, narration, perforation, fortification, christianization, transportation, desiccation, animation, gasification, ostentation, desperation, desalinization, donation, annihilation, insubordination, affirmation, cremation, tabulation, bifurcation, misinformation, conglomeration, consecration, delegation, embarkation, evaporation, automation, exaggeration, imagination, conciliation, dehydration, equivocation, liberalization, fabrication, mediation, disorganization, miscalculation, vulgarization, hospitalization, evocation, culmination, computation, coloration, demarcation, exfoliation, domination, reflation, multiplication, hesitation, stimulation, eradication, ministration, remediation, indication, remuneration, categorization, predestination, ionization, renomination, triangulation, litigation, inspiration, neutralization, decontamination, sedimentation, complication, inactivation, criminalization, mineralization, resignation, sedation, graduation, demobilization, regimentation, redecoration, emancipation, generation, modernization, infiltration, commemoration, investigation, incarnation, emanation, quotation, duration, exploration, vacillation, vibration, degeneration, desegregation, electrification, substantiation, approximation, expiration, commercialization, regulation, deforestation, recommendation, demodulation, invocation, collectivization, affiliation, horatian, recalculation, discoloration, coronation, accumulation, vacation, pronunciation, initiation, conflagration, separation, isolation, edification, reclassification, importation, rehydration, depreciation, elevation, reorganization, amplification, extrapolation, ordination, orchestration, collaboration, damnation, incantation, prognostication, authentication, disintegration, authorization, perpetuation, negation, intensification, propagation, delineation, nomination, popularization, impersonation, dilation, evaluation, habitation, intoxication, sanctification, monopolization, amalgamation, excitation, imputation, indoctrination, continuation, provocation, personification, recertification, ramification, procrastination, celebration, exploitation, germination, corp, cancellation, incoordination, intonation, distillation, gentrification, variation, conversation, localization, renunciation, capitulation, pagination, hybridization, westernization, designation, dislocation, indexation, declaration, ossification, interrogation, vegetation, adulation, presentation, obfuscation, misapplication, fragmentation, elongation, allegation, retardation, computerization, urbanization, repatriation, formulation, reconfirmation, humiliation, disinformation, dilatation, nullification, codification, ovulation, inoculation, magnetization, depopulation, immunization, resuscitation, procreation, granulation, rejuvenation, balkanization, diversification, transillumination, formation, expropriation, gradation, immigration, irritation, enumeration, replication, oxidation, demonstration, denationalization, refutation, notification, tribulation, incrustation, defamation, permutation, denomination, relocation, situation, indignation, appreciation, incapacitation, deformation, incubation, reinterpretation, location, constellation, regeneration, nitration, relation, oscillation, amortization, subluxation, libration, purification, laceration, termination, ornamentation, proliferation, misappropriation, hallucination, maximization, extermination, colonization, amputation, exhilaration, inhalation, demoralization, pacification, strangulation, telecommunication, sequestration, preparation, repudiation, population, realization, motivation, modulation, privation, compilation, maturation, politicization, divination, conjugation, observation, denunciation, appalachian, revitalization, validation, segmentation, consolation, depredation, alienation, exacerbation, quantification, implantation, rededication, self-congratulation, advocation, alleviation, deceleration, reallocation, generalization, cohabitation, emigration, restoration, visitation, decoration, exclamation, reauthorization, ligation, unification, democratization, manipulation, miscreation, concatenation, reparation, miscommunication, adjudication, decertification, filtration, reunification, gyration, taxation, rumination, pasteurization, intimidation, differentiation, exasperation, insemination, gravitation, fluoridation, croatian, escalation, ovation, incorporation, vaccination, optimization, annotation, qualification, contemplation, palpitation, occupation, reformation, agitation, domestication, obligation, lactation, verification, marginalization, frustration, recitation, emulation, levitation, ejaculation, mechanization, operation, hydration, summation, reverberation, polarization, centralization, radiation, usurpation, adaptation, deregulation, recantation, suffocation, miseration, avocation, anticipation, magnification, masturbation, illustration, echolocation, altercation, recreation, molestation, clarification, migration, reconfiguration, detonation, visualization, saponification, profanation, reconciliation, pollination, reinvigoration, reiteration, admiration, foliation, prefabrication, exhumation, disputation, reevaluation, suburbanization, identification, simulation, hydrogenation, inauguration, fumigation, reaffirmation, salvation, facilitation, stabilization, revelation, transformation, cooperation, argumentation, combination, stipulation, allocation, securitization, arbitration, disorientation, backwardation, pontification, glorification, starvation, incrimination, machination, condemnation, unionization, trepidation, explanation, communization, liberation, deprivation, relaxation, fascination, documentation, corroboration, implementation, dictation, communication, duplication, revocation, nationalization, consummation, privatisation, pigmentation, notation, hyperinflation, preoccupation, aviation, personalization, reconsideration, gastrulation, subsidization, augmentation, specification, fixation, reputation, nucleation, manifestation, prostration, harmonization, meditation, discrimination, equitation, inundation, oration, degradation, amelioration, deviation, gratification, indentation, flotation, demonization, pressurization, detoxification, simplification, syndication, orientation, confrontation, irrigation, saturation, elaboration, stalinization, appropriation, derivation, sensation, desalination, congratulation, innovation, insulation, transplantation, calculation, examination, hibernation, legislation, privatization, impregnation, mobilization, undervaluation, dispensation, speculation, agglomeration, equalization, affectation, configuration, violation, registration, perturbation, plantation, installation, inflammation, devaluation, compensation, evacuation, misrepresentation, menstruation, russification, flirtation, integration, commendation, toleration, vocation, invitation, disqualification, deification, classification, concentration, education, rationalization, inflation, renegotiation, mitigation, dissociation, connotation, conservation, intimation, congregation, industrialization, annexation, foundation, subordination, excavation, condensation, valuation, sarmatian, reforestation, indemnification, fertilization, sophistication, devastation, precipitation, confabulation, reincarnation, victimization, organization, alteration, stagflation, mummification, revaluation, naturalization, falsification, exhalation, rectification, approbation, disinflation, interpretation, fermentation, preservation, consultation, renovation, sanitation, explication, globalization, solicitation, assimilation, deliberation, modification, desolation, rotation, protestation, dehumanization, invalidation, dramatization, confederation, stagnation, respiration, liquidation, calibration, creation, legalization, justification, reexamination, participation, aggravation, perspiration, corporation, elation, cultivation, improvisation, vaporization, disinclination, ventilation, inhabitation, medication, inclination, exoneration, illumination, confirmation, nonproliferation, miniaturization, refrigeration, infatuation, infestation, excommunication, nondiscrimination, premeditation, civilization, specialization, origination, ratification, retaliation, negotiation, gestation, experimentation, fluctuation, glaciation, temptation, dissemination, navigation, reclamation, coordination, adoration, figuration, desecration, estimation, socialization, mutilation;
  2. haitian, station, nation, ration;
  3. citation, causation, carnation, cessation, cetacean, castration, alsatian;
  4. aberration, activation, accusation, abrogation, abdication, acclimation;
  5. abomination, acceleration, abbreviation, accreditation, accommodation;
  6. acidification, cannibalization, alphabetization, capitalization;
  7. americanization, antidiscrimination, decriminalization, demilitarization;
  8. institutionalization, internationalization;

Translations for association:

Arabic word for Association


Bengali word for Association


Chinese words for Association

结社, 交往, 民间组织, 交谊.

Dutch words for Association

vereniging, verbinding, samenwerking, gezelschap, samenwerkingsverband, unie, associatie, genootschap, connectie.

French word for Association


German words for Association

Vorstellung, Zuordnung, Verbindung, Zusammenarbeit, Gesellschaft, Verein, Vereinigung, Verband, Assoziierung, Gemeinschaft, Bond, Zusammenschluss, Liga, Assoziation, Bund, Genossenschaft, Interessenverband, Vergesellschaftung, Kontakt, Verkehr.

Greek word for Association


Hindi word for Association


Italian word for Association


Japanese words for Association

協会, 連合会, 社団, アソシエーション, 友会, 関連付け, れんごうかい, 付き合い, つきあい, かんれんづけ, 応用アソシエーション, おつきあい, けつごうし, つき合い, 結合子, おうようアソシエーション, お付き合い, 協同, 付合い.

Javanese word for Association


Korean word for Association


Malay word for Association


Marathi word for Association


Norwegian word for Association


Polish words for Association

towarzystwo, stowarzyszenie, skojarzenie, zjednoczenie, zrzeszenie, asocjacja, kojarzenie, federacja.

Romanian word for Association


Russian word for Association


Spanish words for Association

sociedad, mancomunidad.

Tamil word for Association


Turkish word for Association


Ukrainian word for Association


Vietnamese word for Association

hiệp hội.