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How To Spell bond?

Correct spelling: bond

What does the abbreviation bond mean?


peasant farmer
Bond as a boy's name is of Middle English and Old English origin, and the meaning of Bond is "peasant farmer". From the Middle English word "bonde" (of German origin) or Old English "bunda". Transferred use of the surname. Made famous through the spy and his line "Bond. James Bond".

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What are the rhymes for bond?

  1. gond, blonde, wand, conned, monde, pond, donned, blond, fronde, frond, conde, fond;
  2. armand, beyond, fernand, demond, lamond, respond;
  3. correspond;

What are the translations for bond?

Arabic word for Bond


Bengali word for Bond


Chinese words for Bond

缧, 黏着, 钮带.

Dutch words for Bond

verbinding, binding, obligatie, verbond, hechting.

French words for Bond

lier, lien, adhérence, coller, se rapprocher, unir.

German words for Bond

Band, Verpflichtung, Bindung, Verbindlichkeit, Versprechen, binden, Schuldschein, Kaution, Haftung, Verbindung, Verbundenheit, Obligation, Verband, Bond, Anleihe, Schuldverschreibung, Fessel, kleben, Beziehung, Verbund, Bund, zusammenhalten, Klebeverbindung, Wertpapier, Klebung, Bindemittel, Pfandbrief, Rentenpapier, Rentenwert, Gewährleistungsgarantie, Mauerverband, Anleihepapier, schriftliche Verpflichtung, festverzinsliches Wertpapier, öffentliche Schuldverschreibung, unter Zollverschluss nehmen, einen Verband bilden, unter Zollverschluss einlagern, unter Zollverschluss legen, Liaison.

Greek word for Bond


Italian words for Bond

legame, vincolo, obbligazione.

Japanese words for Bond

ボンド, 債券, 結合, さいけん, 羈絆, くさび, いっさつ, ひきかえしょう, ブンド, 一札, 引換証, あいのくさび, ほんけん, 証文, 合の楔, 本券, 引き換え証, しょうもん, 券文, 縛るもの.

Korean word for Bond

묶는 것.

Malay word for Bond


Marathi word for Bond


Polish words for Bond

obligacja, spoiwo, wiązanie.

Portuguese words for Bond

ligar, vínculo, ligação, elo, união, caução, vinculação.

Romanian word for Bond


Russian word for Bond


Spanish words for Bond

acuerdo, adherir, enlace, conectar, bono, fianza, adherencia, atadura, pegar, contrato, lazo, afianzar.

Tamil word for Bond


Turkish word for Bond


Ukrainian word for Bond


Vietnamese word for Bond

sự gắn kết, giao kèo.

Welsh word for Bond