How To Spell band?

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What is the definition of band?

  1. To associate.

What does the abbreviation band mean?

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What are the translations for band?

Afrikaans word for Band


Albanian word for Band


Arabic word for Band

فِرْقَة موسِيقِيَّة.

Bengali word for Band


Chinese words for Band

乐团, 带, 带子, 束带, 襻, 重唱团.

Dutch words for Band

bende, strook, frequentieband.

French words for Band

groupe, ruban, courroie, bracelet, anneau, orchestre, fourchette, rayure, fascia, bandeau, groupe de musique, groupe musical, chapelle.

German words for Band

Band, Clique, Bande, Fanfare, Tranche.

Greek word for Band


Hindi word for Band


Italian words for Band

gruppo, nastro, striscia.

Japanese words for Band

バンド, 帯域, 楽団, 音楽隊, がくたい, たいいき, 楽隊, おんがくたい, がくだん, 囃子.

Korean word for Band


Marathi word for Band


Papiamento word for Band


Polish words for Band

orkiestra, taśma.

Portuguese words for Band

bando, faixa, anel, fita, correia, orquestra.

Romanian word for Band


Russian words for Band

коллектив, диапазон, лента, банда, музыкальная группа.

Spanish words for Band

conjunto, rango, banda, franja, tira, cinta, pandilla, correa, anillo, faja, venda, frecuencia, cinto, ligadura, pasmo, orquesta.

Tamil word for Band


Ukrainian word for Band

музична група.

Vietnamese word for Band

ban nhạc.