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Examples of usage for commission:

  1. God gives him the commission and leaves it to his human faculties to carry it out, not inquiring what these are, but simply asking at the end if the commission has been accomplished.
  2. The constable coming one night, he would needs search Meg's house, whereupon she came down in her shift with a cudgel, and said-" Mr. Constable, take care you go not beyond your commission, for if you do I'll so cudgel you as you never was since Islington has been."
  3. I didn't want a commission.

Quotes for commission:

  1. Another cause of change, one less noticeable but fundamental, is the modern growth of population closely connected with scientific and medical discoveries. It is interesting that the United Nations has set up a special Commission to study this question. - Emily Greene Balch
  2. A sense of humor keen enough to show a man his own absurdities will keep him from the commission of all sins, or nearly all, save those worth committing. - Samuel Butler
  3. These our great natural rights we keep to ourselves; we will not have them tampered with; respecting them we give to you no commission whatsoever. - Caleb Cushing
  4. The Election Assistance Commission represents a major, unprecedented commitment from the federal government to sustained freedom and vibrant democracy. I am humbled by the prospect of being one its charter members. - DeForest Soaries
  5. A person like myself, born and raised in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia, to lower -middle -class parents. But I had the opportunity to get an education, to go and earn a commission in the United States Army, to serve for 22 years, to lead men and women in combat. - Allen West

Idioms for commission:

  1. in commission
  2. out of commission
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